Valentine’s Day 2017…

Morning! Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday!

I hope you all had a romantic day!

Valentine’s Day for some people is all about getting away from the kids & having a romantic night away just the two of them. For josh & I, before we had Jude we would go away for a night & spend time together & have a lovely long lay in in the morning, that seems like another life time ago haha! I totally get that people use Valentine’s Day as a little retreat away from the kids & I will totally be doing this when I have a full tribe of my own & need some alone time with my love! But for now I love having Jude involved & spending it with him. While he’s so little I  want to soak every minute of it up before it’s all too late & hes 16 & doesn’t want to see me on Valentine’s Day anymore (let’s not think about that yet or I will 100% cry haha) but this year I had such a lovely day with Jude & I hope I have many more Valentine’s Days like this one!

We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day in our home, normally josh is working & also it’s super expensive here in the UK to out on Valentine’s Day & it’s super busy so we try and avoid it! This year josh had to work the morning so me & Jude had a lazy morning relaxing on the sofa & suggling & playing games together! If you follow my Instagram you would have seen we had a pretty flower power bath together! Jude LOVED this! I really recommend this! I feel like in the winter it’s really hard to spend a lot of time outside. There are no leaves to find or pretty flowers to explore. I decided to bring some nature into the house, well, into th and bath tub! Jude really was enjoying it though! I let him put them in the bath & he wasn’t even interested in his usual bath toys, he was so happy exploring the different types & colour of flowers! This is something I’m going to try & do more. In there summer he can pick his own flowers from outside & use them for his bath. Also it looks super pretty & it smelt SO good!! Then shortly after our bath, josh came home & we all snuggled & watched Trolls, Jude loved it! He was dancing around the living room to all the music! We had lots more play time with Jude & ate lots of yummy, homemade nice-cream! (If you don’t know what nice-cream is, it’s a vegan version of ice cream. It’s SO good) we then went to see Barney in the early evening. Jude loves him so much & just finds everything Barney does so funny. It’s the cutest! Then we came back up to the apartment & had homemade vegan pizza for dinner & Jude had some avocado, pizza & pear for dinner! That boy loves his avocado haha! Then we snuggled in our pyjamas & watched secret life of pets, again, still Jude’s favourite movie! Jude went down around 7:30 & josh & I had a nice bath together & had tea & biscuits & watched a documentary on Netflix called forks over knives which is amazing!!

That pretty much sums up our valentines this year! I was very lucky with gifts & surprises from josh & Jude this year & I feel so happy & blessed! As much as I love getting some lovely roses & litlle gifts I really feel that Valentine’s Day is a day to be with the people you love & to be thankful that those people are still here with us!

However you spent your Valentine’s Day, I hope it was filled with love, romance & happiness ♥️