Valentine’s Day 2017…

Morning! Happy Valentine’s Day for yesterday!

I hope you all had a romantic day!

Valentine’s Day for some people is all about getting away from the kids & having a romantic night away just the two of them. For josh & I, before we had Jude we would go away for a night & spend time together & have a lovely long lay in in the morning, that seems like another life time ago haha! I totally get that people use Valentine’s Day as a little retreat away from the kids & I will totally be doing this when I have a full tribe of my own & need some alone time with my love! But for now I love having Jude involved & spending it with him. While he’s so little I  want to soak every minute of it up before it’s all too late & hes 16 & doesn’t want to see me on Valentine’s Day anymore (let’s not think about that yet or I will 100% cry haha) but this year I had such a lovely day with Jude & I hope I have many more Valentine’s Days like this one!

We don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day in our home, normally josh is working & also it’s super expensive here in the UK to out on Valentine’s Day & it’s super busy so we try and avoid it! This year josh had to work the morning so me & Jude had a lazy morning relaxing on the sofa & suggling & playing games together! If you follow my Instagram you would have seen we had a pretty flower power bath together! Jude LOVED this! I really recommend this! I feel like in the winter it’s really hard to spend a lot of time outside. There are no leaves to find or pretty flowers to explore. I decided to bring some nature into the house, well, into th and bath tub! Jude really was enjoying it though! I let him put them in the bath & he wasn’t even interested in his usual bath toys, he was so happy exploring the different types & colour of flowers! This is something I’m going to try & do more. In there summer he can pick his own flowers from outside & use them for his bath. Also it looks super pretty & it smelt SO good!! Then shortly after our bath, josh came home & we all snuggled & watched Trolls, Jude loved it! He was dancing around the living room to all the music! We had lots more play time with Jude & ate lots of yummy, homemade nice-cream! (If you don’t know what nice-cream is, it’s a vegan version of ice cream. It’s SO good) we then went to see Barney in the early evening. Jude loves him so much & just finds everything Barney does so funny. It’s the cutest! Then we came back up to the apartment & had homemade vegan pizza for dinner & Jude had some avocado, pizza & pear for dinner! That boy loves his avocado haha! Then we snuggled in our pyjamas & watched secret life of pets, again, still Jude’s favourite movie! Jude went down around 7:30 & josh & I had a nice bath together & had tea & biscuits & watched a documentary on Netflix called forks over knives which is amazing!!

That pretty much sums up our valentines this year! I was very lucky with gifts & surprises from josh & Jude this year & I feel so happy & blessed! As much as I love getting some lovely roses & litlle gifts I really feel that Valentine’s Day is a day to be with the people you love & to be thankful that those people are still here with us!

However you spent your Valentine’s Day, I hope it was filled with love, romance & happiness ♥️


so I recently was featured in a blog asking me questions about Jude’s play room so I thought I would make a little post about it myself as i get asked a lot about Jude’s toys and his play area. So I hope this is helpful in some way and answers some questions 🙂

S.N – all the photos of his play room are at the bottom of the post 🙂

judes play room started off small. I started collecting things piece by piece as they are expensive & no way could I afford them all in one hit. I didn’t really start collecting the main pieces until his 1st birthday. That’s when he got his tipi from @thetipi (on Instagram) and honestly he loves it! I was skeptic about it at first because I thought he might be weary of going in there so I made an effort to make it as appealing & comfy as possible to he would like being in there (basically so I didn’t through £99 down the drain) to do this I just started investing in comfy pillows & cushions, whenever I saw some out, if they were affordable, I would get some and this really makes it comfy & cosy in there! I added fairy lights to the top of the tipi to create that warm, relaxing feel so when Jude is in there, and it’s near bed time, I turn the lights down low or totally off in the room & just have his fairy lights on & its so cute & he loves laying in there, pointing at them and saying “ooooo” which is a good interactive things for littles I think 🙂 I then just mix it up & sometimes have soft books in there or sometimes just have cuddly toys in there or sometimes I just have his little grey basket filled with toys in there and he will sit in there for hours playing with them. I do put his iPad in there so, sometimes, when he’s not feeling himself & he just wants milk & to chill all day, he lays in there with his bottle & watches his favourite movie (at that time, it changes like the wind) and he’s so calm in there  he’s even fallen a sleep in there before.

The best thing about the tipi is that Jude & I can both fit in there & snuggle together!!

Moving on…so the next purchase was Jude’s slide! Honesty, hands down the best investment! It was £200 from @jupiduu_ (Instagram) & he LOVES it! Plus it’s something he can play with for years & years & it can go indoor or out door so that means it can be used allllll year round!! He definitely keeps him occupied & gets his energy out!!

The monochrome ball pit..this is amazing! Jude is obsessed with it. There is one similar at soft play so I knew Jude would love his own one. It is pricey for what it is, £125 from @themodernnursery sell it and it’s by a brand called @minibe from Poland. They are hand made and made ethnically which is important to me. It’s super fun for Jude & he plays in this for endless hours! This is definitely a purchase that I will keep for years to come & in the summer it can go outside on dry ground & so can be used all year round, in & out!!

Lastly, the kitchen by kiddi kraft…there came a point when Jude would never leave my kitchen & was so intrigued by all the cupboards & what was in them, as I’m sure most kids are, so I had a good look online at play kitchens. As you can tell, I like white things 🙈 So i really tried hard to find a modern looking, white play kitchen & to my surprise, found one! This kitchen was £120 in the sale! I know it sounds a lot when you can get kitchens for £60, but this is tall enough so he can play with it now (Jude is tall for his age) also he can play with it for years to come. The age on the kitchen is 4 i think so he will get years out of this toy too! It has plenty of cupboard space so I can store all his kitchen equipment & food in the kitchen, so im not having so spend money on storage bags or things to store his kitchen stuff in.

Judes toys bags are from the modern nursery as well & I think they are a great, durable & modern looking toy storage & Jude can pick them up and get in them easily and clearly see all his toys in ther unlike some other toy boxes and bags where they are too big you end up forgetting about half the toys in there 🙈

I hope this has helped 🖤



My First Post…


A little bit about me & what you will find in my blog (eventually).

So as you can already tell from my instagram, I’m a mummy to an 18 month little bit called Jude. He is my life. Literally. I also am a mummy to my beautiful horse, Barney. He’s had to take a step back in my life recently but we’re slowing getting back to riding more & doing more things together, it’s just taken a LOT longer than I thought it would. I also have a lovely partner called Josh, (26) he’s my everything.

Im trying to be clean eating, eventually hoping to progress to being a full vegan, maybe try to raw till 4 challenge. We will see!

Anyways…I’m 25, I live in a little village in the countryside in Essex, England with my horse who lives below me (it’s nice but sometimes very noisy)

So….what will you see on the blog…We hope this year to see more of our beautiful country, England & travel Europe some more. Maybe even go half way across the world. Who knows. But we have some exciting things panned & we hope you will enjoy reading this blog & coming along with us on our travels 🙂 also there will be motherhood stories, some good, some bad, we all have good & bad days & it’s healthy to see that instagram is a platform you can make look like your life is perfect, but a blog on the other had, I feel is to express yourself. That means all the ups & downs of life & parenting. You will also see some horsey stuff as that’s a BIG part of my life, literally, Barney is 17.1H. Also you will see some clean eating/vegan food/recipes & ideas I would love to share!

So hopefully that didn’t bore you too much & you want to read along more. I’ll try & post 2/3 times a week! (We will see how that goes 🙈)