If you follow me on social media then you will see that I have 2 sleepyheads. One for Jesse and one for Jude, if you’ve been a keen follower and followed me from way back when I had Jude, then you would have seen that I used the small one for Jude as well (if you’ve followed me all the way then your a star and a massive thank you to you & if your a new follower then a massive hello and thank you to you too ☺️)

So I get a lot of questions asking me if I like my sleepyhead or not & if the boys sleep in them every night & do they wash well etc so here are your most common sleepyhead questions answered…

1 – do I like the sleepyhead?

This is a silly question..I LOVE my sleepyhead! I’ve used it from when Jude was literally 1 day old. We was in the hospital for 10 days and I had it in there with me the whole time and he slept in it every night & now he’s in the sleepyhead grande and he’s 2.7 years old & he loves it still. He sleeps SO much better in there than in his cot bed without it. Its fits in his cot bed perfectly too!

Jesse has the newborn size 0-8 months. Personally I think that 8 months is pushing it a bit as Jesse is 4 months and he’s a small baby and he’s growing out of his slowly now but we will definitely be getting the grande size for Jesse too when we transition him to a cot bed but for the moment he’s in is sleepyhead which is in his snuzpod next to me in the bedroom. He’s perfectly comfortable in there and sleeps like a dream in there! Jesse likes to sleep on his side and I feel so much more safer putting him on his side in the sleepyhead than in the cot on his side.

2 – can you travel with it?

Yes yes yes. We take ours everywhere. It has been on holiday with us so many times, you check it on as a travel cot, we took it to the beach for Jude to sleep in (when he was a baby in the small size). We will be taking Jesse’s one with us when we go on holiday in June this year as well. We take it to my parents house for Jude and Jesse when they have a sleepover there. I even just bring it down stairs as sometimes Jude isn’t feeling well and wants to sit and watch tele so I lay his on the floor and he lays in it all day feeling completely comfortable and cosy which is what you want when your not feeling 100%. Who wouldn’t want their bed in the living room so they can be all snug watching their favourite tv shows?! I also bring Jesse’s down and put it on the sofa and he sleeps in there in the day so he’s near me and I can see him all day. I even take it in the bathroom with me so Jesse can sleep in it or play with his toy bar accessory while I bath in peace 🙌🏻

3 – are they easy to wash?

SO EASY! You just unzip them, pop them in the machine, hang them to dry and voila! They wash up like new as well!

4 – how long have you been using sleepyhead?

I’ve been using sleepyhead for nearly 3 years now and I wouldn’t not have one in my life!!

Mama’s & mama’s to be…Overall I love the sleepyheads & I love their cute covers with all the different patterns they have so you can make it unique to your own home and style.

I love their accessories for the sleepyhead. Jesse has the toy bar with the hanging toys and he loves it! I will definitely be getting the bigger size for Jesse when he needs it!

I hope this has helped some of you if you’ve been debating wether or not to buy one…I know they seem pricey but they are the best investments I’ve made when it comes to baby items!!

You can find them in John Lewis & on instagram shops such as the modern nursery and the natural baby shower ✨

Thank you for reading ✨



If you follow my insta you would have seen i just posted a photo of some pretty phone cases! If you read the description (it’s ok if you like liked & swiped) but the description tells you some important info on these cases but don’t worry I’ll tell you all again as it’s so interesting & great!

Ok so Kroma are a phone case company based in USA & they sell some pretty nice cases..well that’s what I think anyways, but don’t listen to me, go check them out & see for yourself. They are not only pretty, they work in a pretty cool way too. You buy a bumper in either pink, white or black & then you buy back plates so you can keep the same bumper but change the “case” in effect to whatever you like! I love this idea personally!

IF that’s not enough then these next points will definitely make you want to order some now!

SO the phone cases is baby, toddler & kid proof! It’s made with this Rhinoshild which is renowned for providing maximum protection & uses minimal footprint on the planet which is amazing!! I think anything we can do to reduce our footprint is great! They are super thin & lightweight, this is a biggie for me as I hate having a massive phone case (probably like most mama’s) we think we need the biggest case so it protects our phone from our little terrors, unfortunately all these cases are super ugly & heavy & with the size of phones these days, make them hard to fit in a back pocket (which is like having a 3rd hand for us mama’s) so it being thin & lightweight is perfect!

ALSO the phone cases are BPA, BPS free, phthalate feee & lead & Mercury free as well as 100% recyclable & meets global safety standards…WIN WIN RIGHT?

Ok so for those that don’t know BPA is a very harmful chemical found in plastic that is toxic to you & your little ones. It’s used in pretty much all things plastic (unless it states BPA free) but mostly used in all phone cases, & where do phone cases end up mama’s..? In our babies mouths most of the time 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here’s a little bit I copied from the Kroma site about BPA….

BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products. Research suggests exposure to BPA carries health risks, and may cause especially harmful effects on the brain and behavior of fetuses, infants and children. Findings based on animal tests also suggest cancer-causing properties of BPA. Some manufacturers use BPS as a BPA substitute, which unfortunately has the same effect on the human body.
Regulation on BPA due to potential health risks.
BPA has been flagged as a chemical of concern by various countries around the world. The US FDA no longer authorizes the use of BPA in baby bottles, while France outlawed the use of BPA in food packaging domestically. The State of California goes further. Under the Proposition 65 law, any product that contains BPA has to be accompanied by a warning label stating that it “contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

hink of all the time we spend on our phones every day. Are you aware that BPA will not only transfer orally but also through skin absorption?
BPA is mostly transmitted orally. However, recent research indicates that BPA can also be absorbed through the skin. We think this will be especially crucial for:
1. Pregnant and nursing mums:
Absorption via skin results in BPA directly entering the bloodstream. For pregnant and nursing moms, this could mean a higher level of BPA entering breast milk, resulting in BPA transmission to infants.
2. Infants and toddlers
Skin absorption rates vary from 10% to 60%, and increases if we handle a BPA-laden product after being in contact with food grease or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The little ones may not think twice about touching our phones when their hands are covered in food grease!

So yeah, this is more than enough of a reason for me to buy the cases! Why would you want that around your most precious thing & more importantly why would you want your baby putting that in their mouth 🤷🏻‍♀️ so mama’s if you feel the same way as me head over to their Instagram @getkroma to see all their pretty cases & invest in some non toxic & sustainable goods ✌🏼


Gentle Sleep Solutions Part 1…

This blog post is dedicated to all the mama’s out there who haven’t slept in they don’t know how long…🙈 all the opinions in this blog are my own & all the things I talk about are things that I have tried & tested & have worked for me so I really do hope they help you out in anyway possible!!

So if you follow my Instagram you would have seen that I have been reading the MOST helpful & interesting sleep books I have ever read by the author ‘Sarah ockwell smith’ called ‘the gentle sleep book’ if you don’t know what gentle parenting is & gentle sleep methods then check it out online before you continue to read ☺️

Before I start I want to make you awake that Jude hasn’t slept for all of his life. That’s literally not an exaggeration! For 2.5 years me nor him have slept. He woke on average anywhere between 8 to 18/26 times a night. Every night. He suffers with night terrors as well & since we have been doing these simple solutions he barley has night terrors. He’s ha them for over a year now as well. Jude was also having anywhere from 4-8 8oz bottles every night and since we have being doing so if these things he has 1-3 bottles at night. Even when he was in our bed with us. We honestly tried evening to get him to skew and nothing has worked other than what I’m about to tell you.

I would just like to say that most of these things I talk about, I have tried over and over again as I don’t think you can do something once, when your baby is 9 months old for example, that doesn’t work & then never try is again when your baby is 17 months old because ‘it didn’t work before’ so I do strongly feel that you have to be persistent & try & try again with sleep solutions, the same as you do with food when weaning a baby…I will be giving tips that have helped me out and tips that I have discovered through my book…also I want to say that there are no rules or guidelines to sleep training. It’s what’s totally individual to your babies needs. Just remember that some of these solutions are not the norm and won’t be found on any guideline website or magazine…but who made these guidelines up anyways? And why are their guidelines when every child is different? Why do we feel like we’re bad parents when we haven’t followed these guidelines or followed what everyone else does? Don’t feel like what’s said in western society is the norm and because it’s the norm you have to do whatever the hell you want. It’s your baby and no one knows that baby like it’s mama!

OK, so that’s enough blabbering, let’s get to it shall we…

Ok so a little background on Jude, seeing as he is the reason I’m writing this post & the reasons for me having spent endless hours reading books, watching documentaries, YouTube videos & seeing doctors & also resulting in me spending most of the last 2.5 years (all of his lifetime) awake! Ok so Jude is 2.5 years & he was birthed pretty disturbingly, but that’s another post all together, he also has a non IGE cows milk allergy & also can’t tolerate wheat & gluten (he’s currently being tested for celiac). We didn’t find this out until Jude was nearly 5 months old & he wasn’t on the correct formula until he was around 6 months old, as we had to try a few to see what worked best for him. Jude had 3 big Infant cephalohematomas on his head due to forceps delivery. Now I honestly think one of the reasons why he cried so much as a baby was because he had a constant headache. The doctors told me babies didn’t get headaches but I beg to differ…anyways, from day 1, literally from the moment he came out of me, he cried. Day. Night. Day. Night. And the crying never stopped. So therefore the sleeplessness never stopped. I remember taking him to the ER as he cried continuously for 3.5 hours straight, no calm or quiet period & nothing soothed him. It was traumatic to be totally honest with you all. I was thrown into motherhood over night & I had this baby that wasn’t like all my friend babies, because, you know, their babies slept ALL night long..please ✋🏻 we all know babies don’t sleep all night long from day 1! But back to the point, the crying stopped as Jude’s head became better & when he was on the correct formula BUT the sleeplessness NEVER stopped 😩 so from when Jude was around 6 months, I got a book, I read it & I was prepared for anything, until that 1st night…it was heart wrenching. We tried the ‘cry it out’ method which is totally not gentle but at this stage of my life I didn’t even know ‘gentle parenting’ existed! So we done this ‘letting him cry’ and we go in every 5 minutes then 8 then 10 etc for about 3 nights & by night 3 he was still the same. He would never ever give in & he would make himself sick. Jude was around 8 months old when we started the whole ‘sleep training’ as that was when he could hold his own bottle & I felt like he ‘should be sleeping through the night’ also, not going to lie, other than the fact that I was desperate for sleep, I also had people telling me all the time that their babies sleeps 12 hours & never cries & i would always get asked that dreaded question ‘how does he sleep’ or ‘does he go all night long’ & when someone asks you that, & you’ve only had 3 hours sleep, don’t you just want to punch them in the face 🤷🏻‍♀️..or was that just me 🙈

Anyways so Jude still being 8 months old & having tried the ‘let them cry’ method & that not working or feeling right to me at all I then started to try and take away his milk at night a little more. Jude was having up to 6-9 8oz bottles every night. Jude has never been a big eater and can and will go days and days without food and just have milk so I always felt guilty taking his milk away at night as I knew he must be hungry. Jude wouldn’t have a dummy either. He rejected it himself at 6 months old. Taking the bottles away didn’t work. We then tried watering them down & he was very clever & knew they didn’t taste like his normal bottles so he would trow then at me or at the door as I walked out and he would tantrum until he got what he wanted, because I would always give in. Partly because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and partly because it was too hard hearing him cry and cry.

All of that aside, we have had the same bedtime routine for Jude since he was around 12 months old and we still have it to this day. I tried changing it soo many times thinking that it was a problem & the time wasn’t right & that maybe having a bath before bed wakes him up more…everything but he still has the same bedtime routine now that we had first off all so there was no need to change it at all. I tried feeling him later & i tried adding baby rice to his bottles to fill him up more before bed I tried porridge before bed, nothing I seemed to do worked. I’ve learnt now, from reading my book regarding his bedtime, that I needed to change the time of his bed time as the time differs for different ages. Jude has dinner, bath, book, bottle & then bed every night around the same time (between 6:30 & 7pm)

When Jude turned 2 I really started to knuckle down on his sleep. I started to try the ‘let him cry’ method again, only to fail at it again. We tired watering his bottles down again, only to have them thrown at me again, but this time with more force 🤦🏻‍♀️. We tried giving him water instead of milk again and even tried giving him juice instead of water, only to have this launched at me too, repeatedly through the night. He would scream & tantrum and make himself sick nearly every night we done any of those ‘methods’ I even went to the doctors for advice & they told me to leave him & let him ‘cry it out’ for one night and he won’t wake up again. I was shocked & that just didn’t feel right to me at all. I even went to the doctors asking for a sedative to give Jude as I was SO desperate for sleep I was actually willing to drug my precious baby. I did try the sedative but they said it will either go one way or the other meaning he will sleep or he will be hyperactive & as my luck would have it, he went hyperactive & THIS is when it dawned on me that I needed to change things badly. I didn’t know how to change them & I didn’t even know what to do first but I know I had to do something for my on sanity. Then it when I discovered gentle patenting & I read only amazing reviews about the book I have so I bought it & it’s changed my life!! I hope it can change yours too!

Jude also suffered & still does suffer with silent reflux. He is now back on his ranitidine 3x a day which helped so well for a few nights and then he went back to being Jude again.

GENTLE SLEEP SOLUTION NUMBER 1 -bedtime routine!!! I literally can’t express this enough. Children like to know what’s happening. They thrive off of routine. They like to have little triggers to let them know things are going to happen, for example, once they have eaten dinner, they get straight out of the high chair and into the bath. If you do that continuously every day for a few weeks (maybe even days) your child will then learn that’s how their routine goes etc. With a bedtime routine you have to keep it consistent! That is key, in my opinion!Also look into what is the correct bedtime for your child’s age as they vary depend on this. For Jude’s age which is between 2-3 they say to put them to bed for 8pm as melatonin is naturally released around 7:40pm (that was discovered & proven by scientific research studied on children of that age) and I can honestly say, since Jude has been going to bed between 7:30pm & 8:00pm he has far less awakenings at night! I know it’s lovely to have an evening to yourself with your partner, but that comes at the price of being woken up 85 times in the night 🤦🏻‍♀️ so find a bedtime routine that works for you and stick to it for 6 weeks (that’s what the book says) and see if you notice any difference and if it helps in any way!


Blue light/home lighting

Blue lighting – ok so this will be the hardest I think for people to try out. I too struggled with it but I’m SO happy I’ve managed to stick to it & it’s really opened my eyes to how much time we spend on our phones or letting our children on iPads or leaving them to watch the tele so they are occupied and out of our hair for a while so we can cook dinner in peace. I know that feeling mama’s & it’s such an easy solution to think ‘pop them in front of the tele & you can get stuff done without them interfering’ but it’s actually only making matters worse for the both of you. The blue light that is admitted from devices like the iPad, phone & tele prevent melatonin being released, therefore keeping your little one awake longer & causing them to have a more restless nights sleep. Also, monitor what your children watch. Jude loves paw patrol but there is a Halloween episode he watched and now he’s petrified of ghosts. I didn’t even think he was mentally old enough to develop fears but he definitely has one or two, ghosts & spiders & I have paw patrol to thank for that. Even though the programs are aimed at children just monitor closely watch kind of programs they are and if you think they could be causing nightmares or night terrors for your little one. In the book it says to stop all blue light activity 3 hours prior to bed time. We have stuck this like glue & it’s worked a treat. I really feel this is one of the main reasons he sleeps so much better. If your going to try only one of these solutions, then please try this on and see how it can effect your child for the better! So Jude actually went 3 days without the tele and slept amazingly and was a much nicer toddler to be around. I gave him his iPad the other morning out of a ‘quick fix’ desperation moment & oh my gosh it was a disaster. He totally changed. He was horrible to me & screaming, kicking & smashing things up when I asked for it back. It was too much so I’ve now sold the iPad and we’re getting him a LeapPad instead. I’m honestly so happy about him not having an iPad anymore. We have also told him the tele is broken so I just turn it on when I feel like I need it on or when he’s feeling poorly and doesn’t want to do much other than lay on the sofa and watch some tele.

Home Lighting – through the book I’ve learned that having energy saving lights in the home are more effective of causing sleep disturbances than a normal glow lightbulb but that aside, having lights on in general can cause sleep disturbances. Think about it, it’s more common sense really, but I think new mums and mums that don’t get much sleep 🙋🏻‍♀️ lack a little in the common sense areas because were too busy trying to stay awake and stay sane 🙈 but when you think of sleeping you think of darkness and low lighting then you bath your baby or toddler in a bathroom before bed that is lit up like an airport runway! We expect our babies to want to go to sleep after their bath but they have just spent half an hour in a brightly lit room playing with their toys. Their not going to want to go to sleep and all that light resulted melatonin levels so they won’t even feel tired anymore! See, totally common sense right 🙈 anyway, bath time has always been my favourite time and it’s definitely Jude’s favourite time too. Now he loves it even more because every night he gets to have a candle lit bath..yes, you read that right, my toddler, not me, gets to have a candle lit bath. Every. Single. Bloody. Night. I on the other hand am lucky to get one once a month…a bath I mean haha. Candles are a rarity when it comes to my bathes haha. Think that’s just how motherhood goes, who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ BUT anyways…Jude loves his baths so much more now & he loves blowing the candles out & the smell of them & I really do believe they make a massive difference to his sleeping! We also add lavender bath salts to his bath every night and have been doing this for about a year now but I think they work much better in a candle lit bath than a well lit bath. He also has a night time lavender bubble bath and wash by neals yard that we have been using on him at night since he was born. I think all of this things we do for Jude at bath time work well together and don’t have much or even any benefit when used alone, they just become a wast of money as I’ve realised over the years.

With regards to lighting in the house, once the sun starts to set we use small lights such as fairy lights in the house and little lamps etc to avoid bright lighting & we started this the other week too when we started the candle lit baths and I’ve noticed that even me and my partner sleep so much better!! We also try to have no phones 1 hour before bed but it doesn’t always work 🙈


Lovey/snuggle toy – In my opinion I think this is a great idea if your toddler or baby takes to one as not all children do. This is a reassurance to your baby or toddler that they are not alone. In the book it says that this has to be something that the child chooses them self’s & usually something that smells like their mama which is their favourite smell & is extremely comforting to them which will help soothe them when they awaken in the night or day from a nap. Jude has a bunny & sheepie that he’s had since he was about 6 months old and he loves them and the come everywhere with us and I have spare ones as I’ve lost me before and it was total hell! I didn’t wash them much when he was little so they would keep their scent which is what he loved so much about them but now he’s older he has them for total comfort, not so much smell, so I can actually wash them now haha. I did notice when Jude got a real bond for his bunny, as that was the first one, he did settle back to sleep a lot better. It never kept him a sleep but it always helped him settle down and still does now to this day.


Bedside cot/co sleeping/bed sharing-

Beside cot – Snuzpod – Personally I LOVE having Jesse is his snuzpod next to me. It’s attached to our bed so I just open my eyes and he’s there! I don’t breastfeed so I don’t need him right next to me in my own bed, but I wouldn’t want him too far from me, so having him in the bedside cot is amazing. I think this works wonders for newborns as they can hear you and smell you and you can get to them in a split second to comfort them when they need it at night. We done this with Jude and it was great. He didn’t sleep any better or worse, as I said before, he cried and woke no matter what. But with Jesse he loves being right there and I honestly think he sleeps better because I’m so close to him.

Co sleeping – This is when you share a room with your baby/toddler. Either they are in your room in their own bed or you are in their room on the floor etc. We never brought Jude back in our room as I was too worried that it would cause me more problems in the future and that I would be ‘making a rod for my own back’ but now, looking back, I wish I had bought him back in our room, in his own bed, and I might have got more sleep sooner! I think it’s a great idea and it’s done all over the world, it’s just that western society has made it seem that, from 6 months your child has their own room etc so that’s what people do. They follow the guidelines, What the magazines says and what their friends say but their baby isn’t yours so do what you feel is right. I have made the decision to keep Jesse in our room until he is 1 years old as I feel it’s necessary to his needs and his emotional support. I’ve read amazing benefits of keeping your baby in the same room as you and next to you at night etc Plus I love waking up and looking as his adorable baby face every morning. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and look at their babies little face 🤷🏻‍♀️

Bed sharing – this is obviously when you share a bed with your little one. This helps in some cases and can be a what is necessary to help your baby/toddler feel comfortable and confident enough to move from their into their own bed in their own room. Just unfortunately still woke up and still does when/if he comes in our bed at night. I think it’s a pain having him kick and wiggle all over the bed but I know that he’s safe and he’s calm because he knows we’re there for him. I think, personally, sometimes it takes a little longer for some children to feel confident in their own bed in their own room so they need you to let them in your bed for reassurance that you are there for them and they are safe and eventually they won’t feel the need to come in your bed anymore…that’s the goal anyways 🙈 I think this worked for Jude. We let him in when he wanted to come in, yes it was a total pain & I hated it most nights, but after a few months he now will sleep in his bed either all night long or until 4/5am which is amazing and so much better than him coming in at 11pm 🤦🏻‍♀️ just do what works for you and your baby and family.


Music/white noise – This is amazing! So for the last week or so, as recommended by my book, I have been playing baby sleep music from Spotify in Jude’s room all night long on a portable speaker & he wakes up WAY less than he ever normally would! He has a white noise sheep but it doesn’t have the same effect as the music in his room all night. I don’t know exactly how it works on him but it’s definitely doing something to him. He even wakes up happier. It’s crazy! Definitely worth a try! Jesse has the Whisbear white noise machine and he loves it and it definitely helps sooth him back off to sleep!

I got asked a lot of questions regarding reflux so here are my answers –

If like Jude, your baby has reflux/silent reflux here are some ways that I felt really helped Jude sleep a little more comfortably:

• using an anti colic pillow or wedge under his mattress to elevate him a little.

• sitting him up for 20 minutes after he was fed every bottle. Day and night.

• feeding him so he was near enough sitting up, never laying down.

• I would lay Jude on his side to sleep as he slept better on his side than on his back.

• I never put Jude on his tummy as he hates it and I think it made his reflux worse.

• he would never lay flat in the day and this seemed to help his reflux ease off a little at night

• I used Philips avent anti colic bottles and found they were the best ones

• Jude has ranitinde which is a medication to help reflux and this works wonders for him. This has to be prescribed by your GP.


That’s it for part 1! Part 2 I will cover – diet regarding sleeping – dream feeding – swaddling – activities and how they effect sleep – day time naps & getting a good bedtime routine established & I’ll be answering all your questions that haven’t already been answered.

I really hope you enjoyed part 1 & a massive pat on the back of you’ve made it this far!!

Thank you so much for reading mama’s I really appreciate it ✨


My 15 Newborn Essentials…

Sorry this post has taken me ridiculously so long mama’s! But I’ve finally set time aside to write it, I think it’s one of my most commonly asked questions on insta!

Congratulations mama if your pregnant or just had a sweet little newborn! So these 10 things are literally what I can’t live without & I think every mama needs! They are things that I have been using for Jesse & some of them I even used for Jude. I really am in love with everything listed & I hope that, if your having a newborn or just had one, this list can help you out!

1 – Sleepyhead…This is something i literally can’t not live without! It’s my number 1 fave thing! I used for Jude from day 1 & with Jesse from day 1! I literally can’t live without it! Jude now has the bigger size & loves it still & he’s nearly 3! Jesse sleeps like a dream in the Sleepyhead! We travel with it everywhere, holidays, to the beach, to our families homes & even just down stairs! I find it the safest way for them to sleep & that totally puts my mind at rest at night (something that all mama’s want I’m sure) it’s a bonus that you can get super cute patterns & accessories for it too!

2 – Snuzpod 2…I LOVE my snuzpod! I love having Jesse right there next to me (we co sleep) so he’s not totally in my bed (which I just wouldn’t feel safe with) but he’s right there next to me in his own space where I can just open my eyes & see him! I love that it has a rocking feature so when they awake or stir in the night you can gently rock the cot & help them settle back to sleep. It has storage underneath where we store blankets & swaddles etc. You can get storage accessories for this to which are so handy! Also I love the fact that it has a Little green sheep company organic mattress & mattress topper & the bed sheets for it by snuzpod are also organic cotton (organic cotton is best for newborns as they won’t be breathing in all the bad toxins from man made materials etc) also they come in cute patterns too! The snuzpod also comes in a variety of colours, but as you know if you follow my insta, all things white is how I roll, so obviously I have the white snuzpod 🙊

3 – Mezaya baby wrap…I am a baby wearing mama for sure & I love it!! I wasn’t with Jude as he didn’t really like to be held much when he was a baby but Jesse loves it! When Jesse was newborn (<8 weeks) he never fussed over me not being in the room or never got that colicky time of evening like most babies, he just slept, all day & all night (mostly) but now he’s 4 months nearly & oh my…he’s so much more awake and aware of when I’m gone & he knows that if he screams the house down I will come rushing back in the room & pick him up (cheeky little thing) so this baby wrap has saved my sanity of an evening! Also when he’s just not feeling 100% and wants to be held then the wrap comes as a life saver again! I wear the wrap when I’m shopping & if I don’t then I always take it with me just incase. You can just wear it anywhere you like, whenever you like & it’s easy to use! I definitely recommend this one mama’s!

4 – Whisbear…We didn’t get our whisbear until Jesse was 3 months & i wasn’t too sure how he would take the the white noise but he loves it!! It honestly helps him so much to fall a sleep & also when he’s having a meltdown, I turn on the whisbear & it helps soothe him straight away! Apart from it looking pretty enough to want to use all the time (in and out of the house, some toys are a real eyesore) it has this amazing function where it plays white noise for 40 minutes then will stop the noise & when a sound is picked up it automatically turns back on and plays the white noise again which means less times your having to get up in the night. Total win for me!

5 – Nuna Leaf…I’ve had this chair since Jude was born & I honestly love it! I love how it looks & the colour & I love the hanging toy bar but most of all I love how easy it is to clean!! Some chairs on the market are beautiful but can they be cleaned easily? This is a really life saver for me. I clean the chair all the time and i just machine wash it at 30 degrees and leave it to air dry and it’s totally dry within hours and it’s sooo easy to get the cover on & off it’s brilliant! Also I love the soft swinging moment it has and you can now buy an automatic swinging machine that is attached to the stand & will swing the chair at a soft speed while you go and make a tea and relax without worry that the baby will wake when the chair stops moving…bliss.

6 – Storksak…I won’t go into too much detail as I have a previous post on this bag, but it’s totally amazing & I literally don’t know how I would get by day to day without this baby bag! As I’ve said before, it’s like Marry Poppins’ bag! it’s so pretty too! Definitely worth the money! If there is one thing you need to really invest in is a good baby bag that will not just look pretty but actually do what it’s suppose to do, which his hold your entire life & more inside of it & this bag does just that!!

7 – Amber beads…I swear by these! I’ve had them for jude from when he was 3 months & he still wears them now! I now have some for Jesse & they are amazing! If you don’t know what they do, here’s a little info..basically they’re raw Baltic Amber which releases a natural chemical that helps ease pain, for for babies that pain is teething. It also totally helps with dribble! Jude never wore a bib. He just never needed too & since Jesse has had his on he has barley dribbled! I get mine from tribal dreaming on Instagram or if your in the UK you can get them from catkin kids insta shop. I would never be without these!

8 – Swaddles…these are a must if you want to swaddle your little baby! I love swaddling & I feel it’s such a safe way for newborns to sleep & they love the feeling of being all wrapped up too! Wolf & bear kids have some beautiful swaddles. Their shop can be found on insta.

9 – Muslins…literally can’t live without 10000 muslins! They are used ALL the time! At first they are for dribble & spit up, then all of a sudden your using them for everything! I still have one for Jude for when he’s eating & drinking to wipe his mouth & for when he has a runny nose! They are so handy!

10 – Babymoov baby camera…I love this! I had it for Jude too when he was born & i think it’s amazing! So the baby cam itself emits no radiation at all like normal baby cams would. This in turn helps your baby sleep & puts your mind at rest knowing your not having this bad toxins near your precious newborn. The camer attaches to the cot so easily it’s great! It also plays music & has a soothing colour changing light to help babies drift off to sleep gently. The best feature about this camera is that you access it through your phone!! You can be anywhere in the county & see your baby at home in their cot sleeping away. This is amazing for me as when josh & I go out for a date night, I can click on the app & see Jesse fast a sleep so I know that he’s safe (my mum is there babysitting still) but it gives me such peace of mind and I’m not always messaging my mum 1096 times asking her if the boys are ok!

11 – Pacifier…Jesse loves his paci so I can’t live without a bunch of them. I use the Natursutten ones & Hevea ones because they are all natural rubber & can’t harbour any bacteria or dirt like normal ones can & also there is literally no plastic or silicone toxins near my precious newborn.

12 – Pacifier clip…this only applies if you will be using a pacifier for your baby but I love these & use them every day! I have some beautiful ones from the pure cotton studio & another shop called hex and rose. Both can be found on insta.

13 – Kiddy Evo Luna iSize layflat car seat…of you haven’t seen this car seat then you need to! It has this amazing ‘layflat’ system that allows your baby to lay flat so they can stay in the car seat for a longer period of time (they usually say no more than 2 hours) I’m sure this car seat says 6 hours which is amazing for long car drives & long days out (if you attach it to your pushchair chassis) I also have the winter insert for it which is so beautiful & cosy. Jesse totally loves this car seat!

14 – Chunky Knit Blanket…I totally underestimated the benefits of having a chunky knit blanket for a newborn! I never had one for Jude but when Jesse was born I was luckily gifted one from the amazing shop pommepomme on insta & I use Jesse’s as a base for him to lay on in his snuzpod or to lay in his basket or just to lay on on top of my bed & I honestly believe he sleeps 100x better on that than he would just laying in his basket or snuzpod without it! I even use it in his pushchair for him to lay on & he loves it. It’s like he knows when he’s on it as he gets all snug & he is asleep within seconds! It’s £45 well worth spending!!

15 – Baby Basket…I literally am in love with my baby basket. Other than the fact that it’s pretty & ethically handmade I use it everyday! Even Jude loves it & sleeps in their sometimes! It’s so easy to have as a place for them to sleep downstairs. The one I have is from love and cocoon on insta. It came with a natural aloe Vera mattress which is amazing! It’s so big & spacious which is great as the normal ones are always so small!

I really hope this helps you mama’s! If you have any questions just ask on here or my insta ✨


What I packed in my hospital bag…

I get asked a lot on my Instagram what I packed in my hospital bag so here is my personal list of what I packed for me, baby & boyfriend..I really hope you find it useful. With it being my second baby I was more aware of what I actually needed & so I didn’t pack mine & the babies entire wardrobe this time 🙈

For Me (you will need) –

so I had a longchamp weekend medium sided hold-all filled up with all of this…

• birth plan (let’s face it though, childbirth rarely goes to plan)

• birthing nightdress (mine was £5 from primark as it’s usually ruined anyways & all wet & smelly)

• pyjama set to wear after birth & around the hospital

• dressing gown (even though it’s always 1000degrees in hospitals)

• slippers (no one wants to walk on them floors bare footed 😬)

• I bought a pack of disposable knickers from boots (UK shop) that I could throw away afterwards & also got a few packs of big black Bridget Jones knickers from primark for about £5 for a set of 6 (I think) as you will more than likely throw them away afterwards.

• lots of packets of the big maternity sanitary pads (definitely can’t miss them on the self) they are literally adult nappies but the normal pads literally won’t cut it ladies!

• a few pairs of socks (just because)

• I took my comfy pillow (when I had Jude I had to stay for 10 days & having my own pillow made it a little bit more bearable)

• I took some easy to put on, baggy, black clothes with me as in the day I like to get dressed as I feel it made me mentally feel better than just sitting around in my pyjamas all day (weird as when I’m at home I would kill for a day to sit in my pyjamas all day…that’s mum life for ya!) mostly just oversized plain black tops from zara & some black leggings & also took a black long legged romper.

• then I packed all the essentials brush, hair bands, deodorant (definitely don’t forget that one mama’s, childbirth is super hot & sweaty so as you can imagine makes you smell like you haven’t washed for a week), shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, tooth brush & paste, bath towel, flannel, moisturiser & I also took a nail file for me and the babies nails. I didn’t pack any makeup as I had my lashes & brows done so I didn’t feel I needed it but by all means pack however much you need.

• I took a water spray for josh to spray my face with as the whole labour started as you do get veeerry hot & sweaty, it’s so attractive 🙈

• I also took baby wipes for me as I like to wipe my face & hands a lot in the day. I use the brand ‘water wipes’.

• hand sanitiser spray. I got an all natural one from Neals Yard (I still have it now in my bag every day)

• I also took some feminine wipes for down below as they say if you have stitches not to use tissues as it leaves a residue so I got some all natural ones from the brand ‘organix’ off of Ocado.

• then I took things like a book (only got to read one chapter though) my iPad, iPhone, charger, camera & camera charger.

• for josh and I we took in drinks and snacks as the hospital don’t have vegan meals or snack and also it’s so expensive to eat and drink in the hospital, it’s like ‘I’m pregnant, clearly I’m broke, I just spent £136947.82 for a little human I haven’t even met yet, so no I can’t afford your £6.89 jacket potato 😅

For Josh (your other half) – josh had a small weekend longchamp bag consisting of…

• phone & charger

• snacks & drinks

• laptop & charger

That’s it ^^ literally that’s all he needed this then round & we was in & out so quick he actually only needed his phone. I don’t know why men really need a hospital bag unless you know your going to be in their for a while 🤷🏻‍♀️

For Jesse (your baby) –

Jesse had a baby bag, probably the same size as my storksak bag that I now have, that was filled with all lovely newborn things…

• clean & sterilised bottles

• pacifiers

• nappies (lots of them) I had a mix of kit & kin nappies and naty nappies and loved both of them but the kit and kin size 1 ones were smaller so used them more when he was newborn as the naty size 1 ones were a little bigger & Jesse was a very small baby.

• wet wipes (water wipes)

• organic cotton the big square sized pads of cotton wool from the brand ‘organix’

• nappy cream. I used kit & kin baby cream & love it!

• long sleeved vests (think I took about 4 in with me) as he was born in October which is chilly here in the UK. I got mine from the organic cotton range in baby gap and some from the organic cotton range in polaron o’pyret & loved both brands but the polarn o’pyret ones were thicker which was great.

• 4 baby grows. I got mine from a few places but jojo maman baby do lovely think cotton ones so I took them ones into the hospital with me.

• swaddle blanket

• a Normal blanket to cover Jesse with when it was chilly at night

• sterilising wipes for his pacifiers & bottle tears etc. I got these from Tesco from the brand ‘tommee tippee’

• pacifier clip (this is sooo handy)

• I also took my own washing up liquid & brush as I wasn’t too sure how long I would be there & as I’ve said before, I like to use my own natural products that the hospital won’t have available.

• I took a tub of formula (nanny care) just incase I needed it but I managed to breastfeed for a little while.

• i took in muslins as they are a standard for the hospital & baby bag & just everywhere in the house haha 😂

• baby nail clippers as usually they have long sharp nails when born

• 1 pair of scratch mits

• 2 hats as they wear them usually as soon as they are born to stay warm

• also I had the sleepyhead in the car incase we stayed in longer like I did with Jude as I used it every night in the hospital for Jude and it was so amazing!

I really hope this helps you mama’s out is some way & let me know if you’ve found this helpful & if there is anything you would add 🖤



So I was luckily enough to be gifted the ‘Whisbear’ white noise baby sleep aid to try out & share my opinion.

So on first appearance, the bear, to me, is beautiful! It’s simple & modern looking..for me that’s a real biggie! The whisbear has lovely colourful legs & ears that also crackle when played with to stimulate hearing senses but I love that the bear is just simple & grey & actually looks like a bear too! I mean I love a bit of colour, don’t get me wrong, but I just can’t stand it when baby toys etc are splashed with every colour of the rainbow & usually have tractors or cars on them, that’s a standard when it comes to boy things unfortunately 🤦🏻‍♀️ so this is so refreshing for me to see!

Ok so now onto if I like the bear or not. So I’ve used the bear every day since I received it. At first Jesse didn’t really need anything to pacify him as he was still in the early newborn phase where he just needed me & my smell to settle him down. As much as I loved that, it just wasn’t always practical to do with a toddler running riot & also needing constant attention, this I where the whisbear came in. I would lay Jesse in his sleepyhead, which would be inside his basket or snuzpod, and place the whisbear securely on the side so he could see it and also hear it and ‘viola’, within seconds he would calm down & be drifting off into a peaceful sleep! What more could a mama want! But that’s not all the bear does! It has a revolutionary aid that when your baby cries, within the first 3 hours of the bear finishing his white noise (that lasts for 40 minuets) he will automatically turn on the white noise to soothe your baby off to sleep again without you having to get up & do it yourself. I LOVE this bit of technology! It’s been a total life saver sometimes. Sometimes when Jude and Jesse are sleeping in the day, I take the odd bath (if I’m lucky) & if Jesse starts to whine for his dummy or just for some reassurance that he’s not alone, the whisbear switches on & soothes him back off to sleep, meaning I get an extra 20 minutes in the bath & Jesse gets some more beauty sleep…winning all round 🙌🏻

The whisbear also is a great size & fits in my baby bag easily! Also because he has magnetic feet that magnet together he stays on pretty much everything, and can be attached anywhere! He’s usually attached to the car seat handle or the side of our pushchair! Also another biggie for me is that you can take the white noise sound device out and totally wash the bear! I’ve had white noise baby toys in the past with Jude and that was always a reason why I had to get rid of them as they would get so filthy I could never wash them properly so I would end up throwing them away and it would be a waste of money.

SO overall I love the bear & think he’s a must for mums!! He comes everywhere with us! For more information check out the whisbear website & their Instagram ✨

I hope you found this helpful mama’s & papa’s

Many thanks to the lovely people over at Whisbear for sending us this magic bear 🖤


Storksak Seren Graphite Baby Bag…

I was sent this beautiful baby bag from storksak to put to the test & share my opinions on the bag. I just want to say…FINALLY…finally there is a bag big enough for both my boys & me to fit all of our every day bits in (plus all the extra crap you collect along the way, like socks, why are there spare socks in my bag 🙈) anyways…the bag is like marry poppins’ bag. Literally fits my whole life & more in it! The photos don’t do it justice with how much I can cram in this bag (the photos obviously were made to look pretty not practical, that’s Instagram for ya, haha 🙈) I love that it had insulated side pockets for my baby bottles and easily holds a 5oz bottle in there. Also love that it has SO many compartments! You can honestly never have enough pockets & pouches in a baby bag! It comes with a beautiful patterned changing mat that is nice & thick & has a little side storage space for a nappy and wipes. Also the changing mat can be folded with one hand! That’s a biggie for me because changing mats usually have a button that you can never do up with one hand because your bubba is in the other, but this one has a handy Velcro strap that’s great, so practical!! Apart from the beautiful grey colour outside & the peachy nude colour inside, making the bag look & feel more fashionable than the average black or brown baby bag, it can be worn as messenger bag, over the shoulder & as a rucksack & even more amazing (probably my favourite feature of the bag) is the built in stroller straps! I literally don’t know what I would do without these! It’s so so handy to have these built into the strap of the bag already! They hold the bag nice and high off of the ground as well, whereas others I’ve tried hand really low to the wheels and then get all dirty and your forever bending all the way down to get stuff out of your baby bag. Also the rucksack straps are great for when I’m out on my own and have Jesse in the carrier and am holding Jude’s hand so I don’t have to worry about a bag always falling off my shoulder & josh loves to wear the bag as a rucksack as well. The colour makes the bag totally gender neutral which is perfect for us as josh takes the boys out a lot and this means he doesn’t take everything out of the baby bag and use a tesco carrier bag because he doesn’t want to go out with a pink baby changing bag 🤣

So yeah if you haven’t figured it out yet, I LOVE the bag! It’s definitely worth investing in in my opinion, especially if you have more than one little one! It fits all of Jude’s nappies, bottles & formula powders in plus his dinosaur toy, iPad, his bunny & fits Jesse’s nappies, wipes, nappy bags, bottles, powders, creams, change of clothes, muslin & bibs in! Plus holds my iPhone & charger, keys, tissues, hand cream, lip balm etc all the mummy things!

Hope you like this post & let me know what other things you would like to see!


Farm Fun…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

so if you follow my Instagram you would have seen that we went to a nearby farm for a fun day out in the sunshine (before it goes away again) he farm we went to was called Old Macdonalds Farm, it’s just off the M25 in Essex. If you live nearby or your coming to Essex for a trip then I highly recommend OMDfarm. Honestly it was SO much more than I expected. I honestly didn’t expect much as most places for young children aren’t so diverse but OMDfarm met a range of ages from 12months to 6/7 years I would say.

One of the things I can’t help but notice when I go to “kiddy places” is the cleanliness of them & honestly OMDfarm was very clean! Considering it’s all outside & it was extremely busy as it was a meet and greet Peppa Pig day, that’s why we went there, but I saw cleaners throughout the day & the bins were clean & not overflowing on the floor (my pet hate) so I was impressed with this! I think cleanliness is important when going to “kiddy places” as they are so prone to catching things & no mumma wants to sleep less than she already does 🤦🏻‍♀️

Activities in the park were brilliant! We was there for 6 hours & still had things we didn’t get to go to as there is SO much to do which is amazing!

Activities were –

• indoor soft play, with a cafe attached to it, BEST IDEA EVER! Normally the indoor soft play isn’t attached to a cafe & your kids just want to run off & play while your trying to eat, so I loved this idea!

• outdoor soft play is brilliant!

• outdoor adventure play area which was for all ages & was big enough to cater for a lot of people which was brilliant so there wasn’t kids running over each other trying to get up the slide or something 🙈

• bouncy slides, 2 of them!!

• outdoor trampolines, this is a great idea especially for little ones!!

• rides for kids 12 moths +

• rides for kids 3/4 years +

• outdoor sandpit with tractors & slides

• cafe

• character meet & greet

• lots of animals, this is such a lovely animal sanctuary, the animals could all be fed by the little ones through a hole in the wall & Jude absolutely loved this! There was a variety of animals as well which is brilliant! Also they had animal petting times where you are able to go in and pet/hold rabbits etc. I think this is amazing and very educational.

Overall I found OMDfarm to be full of exciting new things around every corner there is something new to discover. I found it to be very educational for the older children which I think is amazing!

If I had one thing to pick out it would be that I think if they had a splash pad for kids it would literally be a ‘one stop shop’ for kids. They would literally have everything!!

Anyways, I hope if you go you have an amazing time! We loved it just as much as Jude did 🙈 It was such a great day & we will 100% be going back there throughout the summer! It’s a great price for a family fun day out & you will not be disappointed!!

All about allergies…

This has to be my most requested post. I have sooo many lovely people asking me questions about milk allergies (which I love answering & helping) but hopefully this will be more helpful having as much information as I can give in one place!

So I’ll start from the beginning…Jude has quiet  a severe allergie to milk, well, anything cows milk based. If he has even the slightest bit of butter, he will be profusely sick, im talking projectile vomit, everywhere, literally everywhere, and this goes on for around 5 days usually. We go through towel after towel, all the bedding, ours & Jude’s bedding that is, we go through soooo many clothes it’s insane! He normally gets very dehydrated & can’t even keep water down. He’s stopped breathing twice through the reaction which is the most terrifying thing to see as a parent. I honestly have never been in the back of an ambulance so many times, or a hospital for that matter! Once the 5 days are up & he’s feeling a little better he will start to have milk again, he usually drops around 5lbs in weight during these 5 days of sickness too, so the more milk the better I think as I want to gain some of that weight back! He normally won’t eat for around 1-2 weeks after being ill. This is just this way Jude is with food as I think he assosicates food with sickness as he sufferes with other intolerances as well. But eventually after 2-3 weeks he is back to his normal cheeky self.

Not all allergies are the same. Jude is the lactose that he can not stomach but also anything cows milk based like butter etc he can not stomach at all. Some babies and children get just sickness, some get constipation, some get rashes & runny eyes and nose. Everyone is different but if your child is the same as Jude, I really do feel for you!

Jude also sufferes from an intolerance to wheat and gluten, & soya. this isn’t as severe as his milk/lactose intolerance but he just can’t eat a whole slice of bread for example or his gets very bloated and bad constipation and is very uncomfortable for a few days. To solve this we just buy wheat and gluten free foods for Jude and us as well as we can’t actually tell the difference most of the time. Especially in things like pasta which is a standard meal at ours! He can have soya but as long as it’s in a small amount and it’s not raw. It has to have been cooked.

We didn’t know Jude has these allergies until he was 6 months old when I finally got referred to a paediatrician. I actually diagnosed Jude myself with a milk allergie at 3 months as his symptoms were exactly what it said they were. I had SO many trips the A&E and the doctors with Jude about his constant sickness and his constant crying and screaming & on one occasion I actually was told I was “a paronoid parent” I was SO filled with upset and rage, this is when I self diagnosed him. I recorded him having a aptamil bottle of formula and a goats milk (nanny care) bottle of formula and the difference is bottle was dramatic!! I was actually told that goats milk is “bad” for babies! This is INSANE!! I done hours & hours of re search, Jude never slept, so I didn’t, so I re searched instead, as you do, and I was shocked to see coming up SO many times that goats milk is better for babies than cows milk based formulas etc and it js FACT that goats milk is the closest milk to natural breast milk. Not cows, goats. So WHY isn’t goats milk the norm?? Anyways I done like a million hours of re search only to keep finding out that goats milk was better for babies and contains less lactose than cows milk etc. Jude was put onto a prescription formula called pur amino by a brand called nutramigen which I mixed into his goat milk as I refused to take him off of the goat milk. He literally thrives on goat milk. He has lovely skin, hair & nails! Re search has shown that babies & children that have grown up on cows milk based formulas tend to develop eczema and it’s a proven fact that cows milk flares up eczema! I don’t see why doctors agree to cows milk but turn their nose up at goats milk? I could go on & on, basically do your research and see for yourself if your as interested as I am, I’m sure you will be as surprised as I was.

To help with Jude’s milk allergie (that also causes him to have really bad reflux which he has medication 3 times a day for) I avoid anything that has cows milk in it. I make a lot of things myself for him using oat milk, coconut milk or soya (cooked) as an alternative to cows milk in recipes and he loves it most of the time. If I’m being totally honest, Jude mostly only eats porridge for breaksfast, made with his formula milk & honey, he has pasta for lunch & fruit & avocado to snack on in the day amongst other things to snack on like chocolate (vegan) and Pom bears (he loves them) and for dinner usually pasta again. He loves pasta with olive oil. Pasta with tomatoe sauce. Pasta with pumpkin sauce. Pasta with butter (Koko butter)   Literally he will eat just plain pasta he loves it that much. He still has around 4-6 bottles a day so I’m not worried about him not eating his 5 fruit a day & 5 veg a day as his formula, which is made to be fed from the age of 1-3 years old, containes everything he needs in it. I think it’s crazy that people are told to take their babies off of formula at such an early age but that is just my personal opinion and for me keeping Jude on his formula has worked wonders but it’s not for everyone and that’s totally ok and normal I honestly have No judgement!

I know this post isn’t for everyone and this is just my personal experience with Jude and his allergies and this is my personal opinion on cows milk. Like I said, everyone is different and so is every baby. Mums know what is best for their baby and always go with your gut feeling. No one can tell you what’s right and wrong and that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m just sharing the information I know with other mums in hope that it helps at least 1 mum out there! We’re all doing a great job! Being a mum is hard so well done to you! Also well done for reading this far, haha, if you have then thank you 😊 and I hope you enjoyed it!


Vegan Pancake Mix…

This pancake day today we decided to try and make some vegan pancakes for the first time & they actually taste SO good! You honestly can’t tell the difference!

Ingredients –

1 cup of four

1 cup of soya milk/almond milk

1 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp natural cane sugar/coconut sugar


add all dry mixture in a bowl & whisk together. Add the milk & whisk together well until you have a thick paste. Get a pan nice & hot.pour your mixture on the pan & let bubbles form & pop on one side then flip the pancake to the other side for around 1 minute & that’s it! It’s so easy & simple! The whole family can enjoy them! Hope you find them as tasty as we did!! Happy pancake day!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset