4 Super foods for Vegan Toddlers, Kids, Adults & Just About Anyone!

Super foods that are great for vegan toddlers, kids & adults & everyone!!

Hello hello! wow it’s been a L O N G time since I wrote a blog post! I’ve been caught up in life & being a working mum but I’ve decided I need to take some time to be me a little more & do what I love and what I love it blogging & doing my YouTube & Instagram & I have a real passion for health & nutrition which I want to share with you guys.

So I’m not going to go on & on about these super food but what I will say is, vegan or not, I feel everyone should be introducing these into their diet one way or another. They are so beneficial for you no matter what your diet is.

Me & my boys, Jude {4} & Jesse {19m} enjoy these every morning in our smoothies or we add chia seeds to our jam on toast, chocolate spread on toast, porridge or even in our sandwiches & pasta dinners! You can add them to pretty much anything. It’s so easy to give these to your kids, the boys don’t even notice them in their smoothies or toast, porridge etc. I also add nutritional yeast in their smoothies too & sometimes add ground flax seeds.

Maca powder

• Great source of vitamin C, iron and copper and a good source of vitamin B6& potassium

• Also contains manganese which is great to improve bone health when used in combination with other nutrients and also has strong antioxidant properties to help reuse the risk of disease.

Reishi mushroom

• Boots the immune system {research has shown in cancer patients that some of the molecules found in the mushroom increase the activities of white blood cells, our natural killer cells, to fight infection and cancer in the body}

• Can fight fatigue & depression

• Stress-relieving

• Anti fatigue

• calming

• supports good sleep

• Protects against free radicals, anti-inflammatory,l

• Mineral rich as it’s packed with phosphorus, silica, sulfur, potassium, calcium & magnesium

Barley grass juice powder

• it is a complete protein 20%

• detoxifies the body

• Improves digestion & bowel movements

• Helps restore alkalinity to the body which in turn cleansed and builds the blood

• Slows down the ageing process {hallelujah 🙌🏻}

• Clears skin

• Reduces body odour

• Increases energy levels

• Helps treatment and prevention of cancer due to high oxygen content

• Improved blood sugar disorders

Hemp powder

• Complete source of protein

• Providing all 9 essential amino acids

• Full of fibre

• Omega 3 fatty acids

• Minerals and vitamins – vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium

• Good source of iron, zinc & B vitamin B6

• Boost heart health

• Reduce inflammation – type 2 diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, liver disease {non alcohol} metabolic syndrome

• Improve skin conditions

Chia seeds

• Omega 3

• Fibre

• Antioxidants

• Iron

• Calcium

So they’re you have it! Let me know what you guys think about these superfoods & if you take any already or if you will be taking any or what you already take. Would be great to share your superfoods too!

Thanks for reading!


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