The Magic Garden…

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen that last Friday me, the boys & my mum went to Hampton Court Palace for the day…well it was suppose to be a day but it actually took us 3 hours to get there…screw that is what I’m sure your thinking haha I wouldn’t rush to do that again that’s for sure but it was only suppose to be 1.45! The traffic through London was a joke {when is it not a joke really 🤦🏻‍♀️} but anyways, we got there eventually with just enough time to enjoy the magic gardens {which we also had to que 30 minutes to get in as it was a full capacity..the capacity is 700…so it was a fun day, that’s for sure 🤣} even though it was crazy busy we made the most of it & had a really love afternoon…we walked all around the gardens afterwards & went for tea & cake in the lovely cafe there!

The magic gardens are there all year round & if you live near enough then I highly recommend going there but you do need a whole day & take a picnic, sit in the sunshine & let the kids run off all that enormous amounts of energy they have that no matter what you do you can never get rid of 🙈

It’s such a beautiful please & there is so much to do in the magic gardens from splash pad, sand area, castle to walk around, explore under the caves & walk around the enchanted walk to see some mystical creatures & discover the tree house! It’s great for all ages but I would say best for ages 1 and up to around 13/14 years old. It’s definitely a summer must & I’ll definitely be going back again…this time I’ll make sure it’s not school holidays ha ha!!

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