Vegan supplements…

I’ll keep this post short & sweet as if you’ve read some of my previous blog posts I like to blab a little bit haha πŸ™ˆ I could talk for England!

I do get asked a fair amount of times how do me, Jude and Jesse get our vitamins being vegan so I hope this answers some of your questions lovelies ✨

Ok so every morning after our breakfast or in Jude’s case it’s his morning bottle of milk, we go in the kitchen & do our ‘bitamins’ as Jude calls them. He loves taking them & they have become part of our morning routine. They all taste lovely, some of them are like Ribena so how could you not like it! I really do notice a difference in him when he’s not been taking them, for instance if I run out of one & am waiting for it to arrive or if he’s at my Nike for a few days as he doesn’t take them there, I notice he’s a little more off & sometimes even more cheeky but I’ll explain that a bit further down!

Ok so Jude & I take these vitamins in no particular order every morning after breakfast – {all products are linked, some links are affiliate}

My kind organics garden of life vegan B12 spray – helps immune system – even meat eaters should take this too. It metabolizes every cell in the body & aids in red blood cell formation, aids in brain & nervous system function & helps anemia. Found in meat & dairy products.

My kind organics garden of life Vitamin D3 sprayeveryone who lives in a country where the sun doesn’t shine every day should take this as is an essential vitamin. It’s good for bone & teeth health, immune support & nervous system function! You can also get it from mushrooms, fortified foods & of course the glorious sunshine its self {if only we had sunshine in England..that would be the dream}

My kind organics garden of life Vitamin C spray –good for immune support, anti oxidant & collagen formation {I definitely need that haha} – you can also get it from strawberries, citrus fruit, peppers, broccoli & Brussel sprouts.

vegan Omega 3 DHA liquid syringe – This is really important for me that Jude has this & I can tell in his behaviour when he hasn’t had it. He is more of a little shit cheeky munchkin! Omega 3 is so so important to get into the body & here’s why – helps you fight cancer, depression, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, psoriasis & arthritis. In pregnant women it can help neurological & early visual development, reduces risk of allergies, prevents pre term labour & delivery, increases birth weight. It’s also reduces symptoms of PMS. It can also reduce blood pressure, keep your skin healthy, reduces the risk of heart disease, helps prevent diabetes & most of all they protect your brain {I still have baby brain though…7 months later πŸ™ˆ} I would like to say that Hemp seeds have nearly the exact same effects!! The reason why I said about Jude’s behaviour is that it can help reduce ADHD, Jude doesn’t have this but being a toddler he is extremely hyperactive 99% of the day {& night πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ} & I do notice that when he has this regularly for a long period of time he is much calmer & easier to calm down when he’s having a tantrum & he also sleeps a lot better! So just for that reason alone I love this stuff!!

Bioglan multivitamin for fussy eaters tablet dissolved – {this is just for Jude} – Jude has this as it has iron & magnesium in it which helps him as he is a very fussy eater {if you follow me on IG you will know all the details} so this is really beneficial for him. It’s a tablet but I just put it in a medicine cup & add boiling water to it and then pour it in his morning milk bottle & he can’t taste it at all! {definitely feel like I’m winning at motherhood a little haha}

Sambucol liquid in medicine cup – {this is just for Jude} – helps strengthen the immune system through the winter & all year round & has added vitamin C.

Jude & Jesse both have –

Kids Probiotic sachet I put this in his second bottle of the day as the first one has his multivitamin in it. This is flavourless really & Jude & Jesse have never noticed it’s in their milk. Jesse has it in his morning bottle before his bowl of porridge. The probiotics are designed to help digestion from birth, especially formula fed babies, also help babies and children with regular colds and flu & are great for babies and children on antibiotics & babies that have colic & also help with skin allergies such as eczema!! They help the gut flora which can be destroyed when your baby or child has an illness or infection and is in antibiotics or has food allergies etc, They really helped massively with Jude and his dairy allergy & really bad colic!! I won’t ever stop using them. I really can’t recommend them enough!

I have a women’s ‘one week flat’ probiotic tablet every morning & I really notice the difference when I stop taking them. They have really really helped with a lot! I’ve never had great digestion & I would look 3 months pregnant by the end of the day {total food baby} & I think this has really helped along with green tea, lemon tea & fennel tea! Also I feel a lot more comfortable when I eat foods like bread & pasta etc as they would always make me bloat right out to the point where it was uncomfortable! Also I go to the toilet way more regularly {is that TMI πŸ™ˆ} Anyways, They are definitely worth checking out, they sell a trial pack too! They have lots of different types of probiotics for women I just chose the flat tummy one as this is an area of my body I struggle with a lot, as I’m sure most mummies do!

Also I take vitamin B which is good for energy & vitality, reduces stress & free radical protection – you can also get this from whole grains, leafy greens & avocados!

I really hope this has been a little knowledgeable & helpful & answered a lot of your questions lovelies!

Please share in the comments your thoughts and if you take any supplements & why etc. I would love to know!

XO Rachael

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