Bambinomio Cloth Nappies…

Ok so when you first think of cloth nappies you probably think ‘no way!’ Or ‘what a palaver they are when you can get disposables for “cheaper” & throw them in the bin’ I totally get that, I had them thoughts too until I actually used the Bambinomio cloth nappies! Honestly they have totally changed my life {nappy wise that is}

So starting from the beginning…I was kindly sent a beautiful starter pack of the ‘MIOSOLO All In One’ cloth nappies form bambinomio to try out and review. I was given 3 nappies, a changing mat, liners & an extra durable mioboost insert to try out. Now before I tried these out I did try out the Gnappies {they are a more USA based cloth nappy company} with Jude when he was a baby. Jude was the WETTEST baby ever when it came to nappies and the poopiest baby ever so I really felt that the Gnappies just weren’t cutting it for me & so I turned to disposable nappies and never looked back until now..the bambinomio nappies are a game changer & in my opinion are just totally amazing!! Here are some reasons why I love to use them…

• they are eco friendly to the planet 🌏 think all the less plastic you’ll be using from not buying disposables that come wrapped in plastic every time you buy a pack {and the plastic bag you probably use to put them in to leave the shop..sooo much plastic which is so unnecessary}

• You use the same size nappy from birth to potty training…I used one for Jesse and one for Jude and they fit both of them totally fine! This really is amazing in my opinion!! Literally you will be saving so much money! {who doesn’t want to save their pennies where they can}

• The ‘miosolo all in one nappy’ is water resistant on the outside so is amazing for active babies, the fabric is sooo soft it’s crazy, It’s like silk!

• They also sell swim nappies {I have bought a few of these for our holiday this year for Jude and Jesse}

• They come in lots of pretty really pretty patterns {I just want them all 🙈}

• They are super easy to wash & come up looking like brand new {& smelling super fresh}

• You can buy the bambinomio natural laundry powder for the nappies, it is non biological, natural and biodegradable made from plant and mineral based ingredients, no dyes or synthetic perfumes & suitable for sensitive skin…how amazing is all of that!!

• You can add the mioboost booster pads {these are amazing} the booster can absorbed several times its own weight! Trust me when I say it definitely can do this!!

• You can use extra nappy liners that are 100% natural and biodegradable! They can even be used with the swim nappies! They are made from 100% PLA {derived from cornstarch} they retain solids to help reduce soiling of your nappy & designed to repel water keeping your baby dry and comfortable!

• They also have a potty training range of pants which I have just bought a bunch of for Jude as I want to try & have him potty trained soon {but only when he’s ready…which is hopefully real soon 🙈}

• They also sell a bundle of other accessories for the nappies like wipes and baby nappy bag etc as well as swaddle blankets etc

So when I first used the nappy, in all honestly, I didn’t have much hope that I would actually work well & be as easy as disposables BUT I was honestly shocked at how durable and how easy they are to use!! Jesse’s bambinomio will stay on him for a good 4/5 hours before he needs changing whereas the disposable would only last me around 2/3 hours at most! Also I’ve noticed that since using the cloth nappies he doesn’t have that horrible pee pee smell when I take his nappy off & also he doesn’t actually smell when he’s nappy is wet, like with disposables. They are also so gentle on his skin, as he has rather sensitive skin like most babies do, & these don’t make his little tummy have any redness at all, Jesse seems super comfy in them! I use the extra mioboost boost pad at night time and he someone’s sleeps all night long or only wakes up once & I honestly think it’s thanks to these nappies as he doesn’t feel so wet!

So the nappies are amazing for Jesse SO I decided to put the nappies to the test & use them on Jude {who is STILL the wettest toddler & night 🤦🏻‍♀️} the nappy fitted Jude perfectly which I was again, surprised about, they really do fit from newborn to toddler! So Jude wore his nappy out in the day when we went soft play as I know he would be moving around a lot so I wanted to see how good it was on a toddler who’s on the go…I was AMAZED…honestly mama’s these nappies are brilliant! Jude had it on for 4 hours and no leaks & what I love about it as well, which I only noticed on Jude as Jesse is too small to notice this yet, was that even though he nappy was full to the brim, it didn’t get that horrible saggy-ness that disposables get when they nappy is saturated 🙈 you know when it’s all hanging down and they are walking like they have pooped themselves & all the other mums are like ‘err’ staring at your kids bum & your like 😳 {Jude is that toddler that is super stubborn & I have to literally wrestle him to the ground every time I want to change his nappy} but, nevertheless, a saggy nappy is not a good look at soft plays, that’s for sure 🙈 who else spends 20 minutes bribing their toddler to change their saggy nappy 🙋🏻‍♀️ {we’ve all been there} WELL..that won’t be happening anymore 🙌🏻

I haven’t tried these nappies at night on Jude yet but I will be when I get more mioboost liners as I only have 1 & I’ll let you know how it works as you know if you follow my insta that Jude wets through every night so will be really interesting to see how they work!

Basically to sum it up..I LOVE the nappies & will be swapping to totally cloth nappies with Jesse over time as they are expensive to buy all at once but will save is so so much money in the future! I just wish I had these when Jude was a baby. Also now I think of it, the amount r money we have spent on nappies over the last {nearly} 3 years must be insane!! If you want to save money then I would definitely invest in cloth nappies. I’m going to be keeping these nappies for our next little baby {one day but definitely not one day too soon 😹} so in that sense I’ve already saved myself money {which I can spend on more baby things I won’t need 😹}

Anyways, if you want to know more about Bambinomio then head over to their website or check out their Instagram @bambinomio or use my affiliate link to buy some from amazon

I hope this has helped you if your thinking of trying cloth nappies ✨

XO Rachael

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