Baby Basket…

You’ll be relieved to know this is just a little review today so no need to set aside 2 hours & 4 cups of tea 😹

If you don’t use a basket (Moses basket) for your baby then you need one! They are definitely a necessity I think. Jesse has used his since he was born and he still uses it now nearly every day. The basket stays down stairs in my house and it’s where he sleeps in the day as I don’t like to leave him upstairs whilst I’m down stairs with Jude and he’s perfectly safe in there. It’s also so spacious in their for him, sometimes Jude’s gets in there with him 🙈 I also put his nursing pillow in there for him to lay on as he likes to lay on his pillow so he’s slightly popped up.

They are also so light and easy to move around the house. You can use the basket as a bed instead of a cot/cot bed for the first few weeks or months. I also love that my sleepyhead fits in mine which is ideal for Jesse. The basket also is so easy to put in the car and move to my mums when she is having him for the day/night.

The basket I have comes with an aloe Vera mattress which is amazing and it’s ethically made too which is even better. You can find mine on @loveandcocoon on instagram where there is more colours too ✨

Hope this has helped if you were thinking of getting a basket.


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