Snuzpod2 Review…

Mama’s…I hope this answers a LOT of questions I get daily all about the highly popular snuzpod2…

So I’m in love with my snuzpod2! I only got this when I had Jesse & before, when Jude was little I used the ‘Chicco next to me’ & I thought it was very wide, which wasn’t really necessary, & I felt like it looked very cheap for the price but I loved the idea of it so I got it for Jude and it served its purpose but I was eager to sell it & find a new, prettier one for when I had Jesse. This is when I discovered the ‘Snuzpod’ range of ‘next to me’ cribs. I was instantly attracted to the look of it. It’s so modern & clean looking, very Scandinavian I think, which I LOVE! I love that there was a grey colour as well (you all know I’m obsessed with grey) so it was a tough decision..but I chose the white (shocker 🤣) the snuzpod also has added accessories you can buy too to hold nappies and wipes etc in which is super handy for the night time changes!

Benefits of bedside cribs – (taken from the website)

• Safe alternative to co-sleeping

• ease of breastfeeding

• no need to leave your bed at night

• ideal for C section mums

• comfort, feed and bond, being close to your baby

• keep baby in your bedroom for the 1st 6 months as recommended by experts

So apart from the fact that it’s so nice to look at, it’s very very easy to assemble (unlike when your trying to assemble flat pack IKEA stuff & your relationship is on the verge of divorce 🙈🤣) I love that it has the clear mesh netting on one side so even if you don’t want it joint to your bedside then you can still see your baby all the time. One of my favourite features is that the ‘cot bed’ part detaches from the snuzpod itself! It saves you needing to buy a Moses basket as you can just use the snuzpod anywhere in the house as it’s so light and easy to carry the cot base around! The snuzpod is also fantastic if you have a small room or small space for a babies cot. It’s slim and not too long which is just ideal to fit anywhere. Even in the smallest of rooms.

I love that my sleepyhead fits inside the snuzpod as Jesse is in his every night! Love that it has a rocking feature which really helps Jesse soothe back off to sleep in the night after his feed! Also the snuzpod has a storage shelf underneath the basinet which is SUPER handy to store all those blankets (& all that extra crap you accumulate through the night 🙈)

Overall I think the snuzpod is a MUST for mama & baby! I love that it’s safe co-sleeping & that it’s so modern & versatile!! For me it’s all around brilliant & I don’t know what I would do without it!

Hope you enjoyed the post & your questions were answered ✨


Side note – mine is the Snuzpod2, 3 in 1, Eco white.

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