If you follow me on social media then you will see that I have 2 sleepyheads. One for Jesse and one for Jude, if you’ve been a keen follower and followed me from way back when I had Jude, then you would have seen that I used the small one for Jude as well (if you’ve followed me all the way then your a star and a massive thank you to you & if your a new follower then a massive hello and thank you to you too ☺️)

So I get a lot of questions asking me if I like my sleepyhead or not & if the boys sleep in them every night & do they wash well etc so here are your most common sleepyhead questions answered…

1 – do I like the sleepyhead?

This is a silly question..I LOVE my sleepyhead! I’ve used it from when Jude was literally 1 day old. We was in the hospital for 10 days and I had it in there with me the whole time and he slept in it every night & now he’s in the sleepyhead grande and he’s 2.7 years old & he loves it still. He sleeps SO much better in there than in his cot bed without it. Its fits in his cot bed perfectly too!

Jesse has the newborn size 0-8 months. Personally I think that 8 months is pushing it a bit as Jesse is 4 months and he’s a small baby and he’s growing out of his slowly now but we will definitely be getting the grande size for Jesse too when we transition him to a cot bed but for the moment he’s in is sleepyhead which is in his snuzpod next to me in the bedroom. He’s perfectly comfortable in there and sleeps like a dream in there! Jesse likes to sleep on his side and I feel so much more safer putting him on his side in the sleepyhead than in the cot on his side.

2 – can you travel with it?

Yes yes yes. We take ours everywhere. It has been on holiday with us so many times, you check it on as a travel cot, we took it to the beach for Jude to sleep in (when he was a baby in the small size). We will be taking Jesse’s one with us when we go on holiday in June this year as well. We take it to my parents house for Jude and Jesse when they have a sleepover there. I even just bring it down stairs as sometimes Jude isn’t feeling well and wants to sit and watch tele so I lay his on the floor and he lays in it all day feeling completely comfortable and cosy which is what you want when your not feeling 100%. Who wouldn’t want their bed in the living room so they can be all snug watching their favourite tv shows?! I also bring Jesse’s down and put it on the sofa and he sleeps in there in the day so he’s near me and I can see him all day. I even take it in the bathroom with me so Jesse can sleep in it or play with his toy bar accessory while I bath in peace 🙌🏻

3 – are they easy to wash?

SO EASY! You just unzip them, pop them in the machine, hang them to dry and voila! They wash up like new as well!

4 – how long have you been using sleepyhead?

I’ve been using sleepyhead for nearly 3 years now and I wouldn’t not have one in my life!!

Mama’s & mama’s to be…Overall I love the sleepyheads & I love their cute covers with all the different patterns they have so you can make it unique to your own home and style.

I love their accessories for the sleepyhead. Jesse has the toy bar with the hanging toys and he loves it! I will definitely be getting the bigger size for Jesse when he needs it!

I hope this has helped some of you if you’ve been debating wether or not to buy one…I know they seem pricey but they are the best investments I’ve made when it comes to baby items!!

You can find them in John Lewis & on instagram shops such as the modern nursery and the natural baby shower ✨

Thank you for reading ✨


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