If you follow my insta you would have seen i just posted a photo of some pretty phone cases! If you read the description (it’s ok if you like liked & swiped) but the description tells you some important info on these cases but don’t worry I’ll tell you all again as it’s so interesting & great!

Ok so Kroma are a phone case company based in USA & they sell some pretty nice cases..well that’s what I think anyways, but don’t listen to me, go check them out & see for yourself. They are not only pretty, they work in a pretty cool way too. You buy a bumper in either pink, white or black & then you buy back plates so you can keep the same bumper but change the “case” in effect to whatever you like! I love this idea personally!

IF that’s not enough then these next points will definitely make you want to order some now!

SO the phone cases is baby, toddler & kid proof! It’s made with this Rhinoshild which is renowned for providing maximum protection & uses minimal footprint on the planet which is amazing!! I think anything we can do to reduce our footprint is great! They are super thin & lightweight, this is a biggie for me as I hate having a massive phone case (probably like most mama’s) we think we need the biggest case so it protects our phone from our little terrors, unfortunately all these cases are super ugly & heavy & with the size of phones these days, make them hard to fit in a back pocket (which is like having a 3rd hand for us mama’s) so it being thin & lightweight is perfect!

ALSO the phone cases are BPA, BPS free, phthalate feee & lead & Mercury free as well as 100% recyclable & meets global safety standards…WIN WIN RIGHT?

Ok so for those that don’t know BPA is a very harmful chemical found in plastic that is toxic to you & your little ones. It’s used in pretty much all things plastic (unless it states BPA free) but mostly used in all phone cases, & where do phone cases end up mama’s..? In our babies mouths most of the time 🤦🏻‍♀️

Here’s a little bit I copied from the Kroma site about BPA….

BPA is a chemical found in many plastic products. Research suggests exposure to BPA carries health risks, and may cause especially harmful effects on the brain and behavior of fetuses, infants and children. Findings based on animal tests also suggest cancer-causing properties of BPA. Some manufacturers use BPS as a BPA substitute, which unfortunately has the same effect on the human body.
Regulation on BPA due to potential health risks.
BPA has been flagged as a chemical of concern by various countries around the world. The US FDA no longer authorizes the use of BPA in baby bottles, while France outlawed the use of BPA in food packaging domestically. The State of California goes further. Under the Proposition 65 law, any product that contains BPA has to be accompanied by a warning label stating that it “contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

hink of all the time we spend on our phones every day. Are you aware that BPA will not only transfer orally but also through skin absorption?
BPA is mostly transmitted orally. However, recent research indicates that BPA can also be absorbed through the skin. We think this will be especially crucial for:
1. Pregnant and nursing mums:
Absorption via skin results in BPA directly entering the bloodstream. For pregnant and nursing moms, this could mean a higher level of BPA entering breast milk, resulting in BPA transmission to infants.
2. Infants and toddlers
Skin absorption rates vary from 10% to 60%, and increases if we handle a BPA-laden product after being in contact with food grease or alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The little ones may not think twice about touching our phones when their hands are covered in food grease!

So yeah, this is more than enough of a reason for me to buy the cases! Why would you want that around your most precious thing & more importantly why would you want your baby putting that in their mouth 🤷🏻‍♀️ so mama’s if you feel the same way as me head over to their Instagram @getkroma to see all their pretty cases & invest in some non toxic & sustainable goods ✌🏼


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