My 15 Newborn Essentials…

Sorry this post has taken me ridiculously so long mama’s! But I’ve finally set time aside to write it, I think it’s one of my most commonly asked questions on insta!

Congratulations mama if your pregnant or just had a sweet little newborn! So these 10 things are literally what I can’t live without & I think every mama needs! They are things that I have been using for Jesse & some of them I even used for Jude. I really am in love with everything listed & I hope that, if your having a newborn or just had one, this list can help you out!

1 – Sleepyhead…This is something i literally can’t not live without! It’s my number 1 fave thing! I used for Jude from day 1 & with Jesse from day 1! I literally can’t live without it! Jude now has the bigger size & loves it still & he’s nearly 3! Jesse sleeps like a dream in the Sleepyhead! We travel with it everywhere, holidays, to the beach, to our families homes & even just down stairs! I find it the safest way for them to sleep & that totally puts my mind at rest at night (something that all mama’s want I’m sure) it’s a bonus that you can get super cute patterns & accessories for it too!

2 – Snuzpod 2…I LOVE my snuzpod! I love having Jesse right there next to me (we co sleep) so he’s not totally in my bed (which I just wouldn’t feel safe with) but he’s right there next to me in his own space where I can just open my eyes & see him! I love that it has a rocking feature so when they awake or stir in the night you can gently rock the cot & help them settle back to sleep. It has storage underneath where we store blankets & swaddles etc. You can get storage accessories for this to which are so handy! Also I love the fact that it has a Little green sheep company organic mattress & mattress topper & the bed sheets for it by snuzpod are also organic cotton (organic cotton is best for newborns as they won’t be breathing in all the bad toxins from man made materials etc) also they come in cute patterns too! The snuzpod also comes in a variety of colours, but as you know if you follow my insta, all things white is how I roll, so obviously I have the white snuzpod ūüôä

3 – Mezaya baby wrap…I am a baby wearing mama for sure & I love it!! I wasn’t with Jude as he didn’t really like to be held much when he was a baby but Jesse loves it! When Jesse was newborn (<8 weeks) he never fussed over me not being in the room or never got that colicky time of evening like most babies, he just slept, all day & all night (mostly) but now he’s 4 months nearly & oh my…he’s so much more awake and aware of when I’m gone & he knows that if he screams the house down I will come rushing back in the room & pick him up (cheeky little thing) so this baby wrap has saved my sanity of an evening! Also when he’s just not feeling 100% and wants to be held then the wrap comes as a life saver again! I wear the wrap when I’m shopping & if I don’t then I always take it with me just incase. You can just wear it anywhere you like, whenever you like & it’s easy to use! I definitely recommend this one mama’s!

4 – Whisbear…We didn’t get our whisbear until Jesse was 3 months & i wasn’t too sure how he would take the the white noise but he loves it!! It honestly helps him so much to fall a sleep & also when he’s having a meltdown, I turn on the whisbear & it helps soothe him straight away! Apart from it looking pretty enough to want to use all the time (in and out of the house, some toys are a real eyesore) it has this amazing function where it plays white noise for 40 minutes then will stop the noise & when a sound is picked up it automatically turns back on and plays the white noise again which means less times your having to get up in the night. Total win for me!

5 – Nuna Leaf…I’ve had this chair since Jude was born & I honestly love it! I love how it looks & the colour & I love the hanging toy bar but most of all I love how easy it is to clean!! Some chairs on the market are beautiful but can they be cleaned easily? This is a really life saver for me. I clean the chair all the time and i just machine wash it at 30 degrees and leave it to air dry and it’s totally dry within hours and it’s sooo easy to get the cover on & off it’s brilliant! Also I love the soft swinging moment it has and you can now buy an automatic swinging machine that is attached to the stand & will swing the chair at a soft speed while you go and make a tea and relax without worry that the baby will wake when the chair stops moving…bliss.

6 – Storksak…I won’t go into too much detail as I have a previous post on this bag, but it’s totally amazing & I literally don’t know how I would get by day to day without this baby bag! As I’ve said before, it’s like Marry Poppins’ bag! it’s so pretty too! Definitely worth the money! If there is one thing you need to really invest in is a good baby bag that will not just look pretty but actually do what it’s suppose to do, which his hold your entire life & more inside of it & this bag does just that!!

7 – Amber beads…I swear by these! I’ve had them for jude from when he was 3 months & he still wears them now! I now have some for Jesse & they are amazing! If you don’t know what they do, here’s a little info..basically they’re raw Baltic Amber which releases a natural chemical that helps ease pain, for for babies that pain is teething. It also totally helps with dribble! Jude never wore a bib. He just never needed too & since Jesse has had his on he has barley dribbled! I get mine from tribal dreaming on Instagram or if your in the UK you can get them from catkin kids insta shop. I would never be without these!

8 – Swaddles…these are a must if you want to swaddle your little baby! I love swaddling & I feel it’s such a safe way for newborns to sleep & they love the feeling of being all wrapped up too! Wolf & bear kids have some beautiful swaddles. Their shop can be found on insta.

9 – Muslins…literally can’t live without 10000 muslins! They are used ALL the time! At first they are for dribble & spit up, then all of a sudden your using them for everything! I still have one for Jude for when he’s eating & drinking to wipe his mouth & for when he has a runny nose! They are so handy!

10 – Babymoov baby camera…I love this! I had it for Jude too when he was born & i think it’s amazing! So the baby cam itself emits no radiation at all like normal baby cams would. This in turn helps your baby sleep & puts your mind at rest knowing your not having this bad toxins near your precious newborn. The camer attaches to the cot so easily it’s great! It also plays music & has a soothing colour changing light to help babies drift off to sleep gently. The best feature about this camera is that you access it through your phone!! You can be anywhere in the county & see your baby at home in their cot sleeping away. This is amazing for me as when josh & I go out for a date night, I can click on the app & see Jesse fast a sleep so I know that he’s safe (my mum is there babysitting still) but it gives me such peace of mind and I’m not always messaging my mum 1096 times asking her if the boys are ok!

11 – Pacifier…Jesse loves his paci so I can’t live without a bunch of them. I use the Natursutten ones & Hevea ones because they are all natural rubber & can’t harbour any bacteria or dirt like normal ones can & also there is literally no plastic or silicone toxins near my precious newborn.

12 – Pacifier clip…this only applies if you will be using a pacifier for your baby but I love these & use them every day! I have some beautiful ones from the pure cotton studio & another shop called hex and rose. Both can be found on insta.

13 – Kiddy Evo Luna iSize layflat car seat…of you haven’t seen this car seat then you need to! It has this amazing ‘layflat’ system that allows your baby to lay flat so they can stay in the car seat for a longer period of time (they usually say no more than 2 hours) I’m sure this car seat says 6 hours which is amazing for long car drives & long days out (if you attach it to your pushchair chassis) I also have the winter insert for it which is so beautiful & cosy. Jesse totally loves this car seat!

14 – Chunky Knit Blanket…I totally underestimated the benefits of having a chunky knit blanket for a newborn! I never had one for Jude but when Jesse was born I was luckily gifted one from the amazing shop pommepomme on insta & I use Jesse’s as a base for him to lay on in his snuzpod or to lay in his basket or just to lay on on top of my bed & I honestly believe he sleeps 100x better on that than he would just laying in his basket or snuzpod without it! I even use it in his pushchair for him to lay on & he loves it. It’s like he knows when he’s on it as he gets all snug & he is asleep within seconds! It’s ¬£45 well worth spending!!

15 – Baby Basket…I literally am in love with my baby basket. Other than the fact that it’s pretty & ethically handmade I use it everyday! Even Jude loves it & sleeps in their sometimes! It’s so easy to have as a place for them to sleep downstairs. The one I have is from love and cocoon on insta. It came with a natural aloe Vera mattress which is amazing! It’s so big & spacious which is great as the normal ones are always so small!

I really hope this helps you mama’s! If you have any questions just ask on here or my insta ‚ú®


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