What I packed in my hospital bag…

I get asked a lot on my Instagram what I packed in my hospital bag so here is my personal list of what I packed for me, baby & boyfriend..I really hope you find it useful. With it being my second baby I was more aware of what I actually needed & so I didn’t pack mine & the babies entire wardrobe this time 🙈

For Me (you will need) –

so I had a longchamp weekend medium sided hold-all filled up with all of this…

• birth plan (let’s face it though, childbirth rarely goes to plan)

• birthing nightdress (mine was £5 from primark as it’s usually ruined anyways & all wet & smelly)

• pyjama set to wear after birth & around the hospital

• dressing gown (even though it’s always 1000degrees in hospitals)

• slippers (no one wants to walk on them floors bare footed 😬)

• I bought a pack of disposable knickers from boots (UK shop) that I could throw away afterwards & also got a few packs of big black Bridget Jones knickers from primark for about £5 for a set of 6 (I think) as you will more than likely throw them away afterwards.

• lots of packets of the big maternity sanitary pads (definitely can’t miss them on the self) they are literally adult nappies but the normal pads literally won’t cut it ladies!

• a few pairs of socks (just because)

• I took my comfy pillow (when I had Jude I had to stay for 10 days & having my own pillow made it a little bit more bearable)

• I took some easy to put on, baggy, black clothes with me as in the day I like to get dressed as I feel it made me mentally feel better than just sitting around in my pyjamas all day (weird as when I’m at home I would kill for a day to sit in my pyjamas all day…that’s mum life for ya!) mostly just oversized plain black tops from zara & some black leggings & also took a black long legged romper.

• then I packed all the essentials like..hair brush, hair bands, deodorant (definitely don’t forget that one mama’s, childbirth is super hot & sweaty so as you can imagine makes you smell like you haven’t washed for a week), shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, tooth brush & paste, bath towel, flannel, moisturiser & I also took a nail file for me and the babies nails. I didn’t pack any makeup as I had my lashes & brows done so I didn’t feel I needed it but by all means pack however much you need.

• I took a water spray for josh to spray my face with as the whole labour started as you do get veeerry hot & sweaty, it’s so attractive 🙈

• I also took baby wipes for me as I like to wipe my face & hands a lot in the day. I use the brand ‘water wipes’.

• hand sanitiser spray. I got an all natural one from Neals Yard (I still have it now in my bag every day)

• I also took some feminine wipes for down below as they say if you have stitches not to use tissues as it leaves a residue so I got some all natural ones from the brand ‘organix’ off of Ocado.

• then I took things like a book (only got to read one chapter though) my iPad, iPhone, charger, camera & camera charger.

• for josh and I we took in drinks and snacks as the hospital don’t have vegan meals or snack and also it’s so expensive to eat and drink in the hospital, it’s like ‘I’m pregnant, clearly I’m broke, I just spent £136947.82 for a little human I haven’t even met yet, so no I can’t afford your £6.89 jacket potato 😅

For Josh (your other half) – josh had a small weekend longchamp bag consisting of…

• phone & charger

• snacks & drinks

• laptop & charger

That’s it ^^ literally that’s all he needed this then round & we was in & out so quick he actually only needed his phone. I don’t know why men really need a hospital bag unless you know your going to be in their for a while 🤷🏻‍♀️

For Jesse (your baby) –

Jesse had a baby bag, probably the same size as my storksak bag that I now have, that was filled with all lovely newborn things…

• clean & sterilised bottles

• pacifiers

• nappies (lots of them) I had a mix of kit & kin nappies and naty nappies and loved both of them but the kit and kin size 1 ones were smaller so used them more when he was newborn as the naty size 1 ones were a little bigger & Jesse was a very small baby.

• wet wipes (water wipes)

• organic cotton the big square sized pads of cotton wool from the brand ‘organix’

• nappy cream. I used kit & kin baby cream & love it!

• long sleeved vests (think I took about 4 in with me) as he was born in October which is chilly here in the UK. I got mine from the organic cotton range in baby gap and some from the organic cotton range in polaron o’pyret & loved both brands but the polarn o’pyret ones were thicker which was great.

• 4 baby grows. I got mine from a few places but jojo maman baby do lovely think cotton ones so I took them ones into the hospital with me.

• swaddle blanket

• a Normal blanket to cover Jesse with when it was chilly at night

• sterilising wipes for his pacifiers & bottle tears etc. I got these from Tesco from the brand ‘tommee tippee’

• pacifier clip (this is sooo handy)

• I also took my own washing up liquid & brush as I wasn’t too sure how long I would be there & as I’ve said before, I like to use my own natural products that the hospital won’t have available.

• I took a tub of formula (nanny care) just incase I needed it but I managed to breastfeed for a little while.

• i took in muslins as they are a standard for the hospital & baby bag & just everywhere in the house haha 😂

• baby nail clippers as usually they have long sharp nails when born

• 1 pair of scratch mits

• 2 hats as they wear them usually as soon as they are born to stay warm

• also I had the sleepyhead in the car incase we stayed in longer like I did with Jude as I used it every night in the hospital for Jude and it was so amazing!

I really hope this helps you mama’s out is some way & let me know if you’ve found this helpful & if there is anything you would add 🖤


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