Storksak Seren Graphite Baby Bag…

I was sent this beautiful baby bag from storksak to put to the test & share my opinions on the bag. I just want to say…FINALLY…finally there is a bag big enough for both my boys & me to fit all of our every day bits in (plus all the extra crap you collect along the way, like socks, why are there spare socks in my bag 🙈) anyways…the bag is like marry poppins’ bag. Literally fits my whole life & more in it! The photos don’t do it justice with how much I can cram in this bag (the photos obviously were made to look pretty not practical, that’s Instagram for ya, haha 🙈) I love that it had insulated side pockets for my baby bottles and easily holds a 5oz bottle in there. Also love that it has SO many compartments! You can honestly never have enough pockets & pouches in a baby bag! It comes with a beautiful patterned changing mat that is nice & thick & has a little side storage space for a nappy and wipes. Also the changing mat can be folded with one hand! That’s a biggie for me because changing mats usually have a button that you can never do up with one hand because your bubba is in the other, but this one has a handy Velcro strap that’s great, so practical!! Apart from the beautiful grey colour outside & the peachy nude colour inside, making the bag look & feel more fashionable than the average black or brown baby bag, it can be worn as messenger bag, over the shoulder & as a rucksack & even more amazing (probably my favourite feature of the bag) is the built in stroller straps! I literally don’t know what I would do without these! It’s so so handy to have these built into the strap of the bag already! They hold the bag nice and high off of the ground as well, whereas others I’ve tried hand really low to the wheels and then get all dirty and your forever bending all the way down to get stuff out of your baby bag. Also the rucksack straps are great for when I’m out on my own and have Jesse in the carrier and am holding Jude’s hand so I don’t have to worry about a bag always falling off my shoulder & josh loves to wear the bag as a rucksack as well. The colour makes the bag totally gender neutral which is perfect for us as josh takes the boys out a lot and this means he doesn’t take everything out of the baby bag and use a tesco carrier bag because he doesn’t want to go out with a pink baby changing bag 🤣

So yeah if you haven’t figured it out yet, I LOVE the bag! It’s definitely worth investing in in my opinion, especially if you have more than one little one! It fits all of Jude’s nappies, bottles & formula powders in plus his dinosaur toy, iPad, his bunny & fits Jesse’s nappies, wipes, nappy bags, bottles, powders, creams, change of clothes, muslin & bibs in! Plus holds my iPhone & charger, keys, tissues, hand cream, lip balm etc all the mummy things!

Hope you like this post & let me know what other things you would like to see!


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