Farm Fun…

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so if you follow my Instagram you would have seen that we went to a nearby farm for a fun day out in the sunshine (before it goes away again) he farm we went to was called Old Macdonalds Farm, it’s just off the M25 in Essex. If you live nearby or your coming to Essex for a trip then I highly recommend OMDfarm. Honestly it was SO much more than I expected. I honestly didn’t expect much as most places for young children aren’t so diverse but OMDfarm met a range of ages from 12months to 6/7 years I would say.

One of the things I can’t help but notice when I go to “kiddy places” is the cleanliness of them & honestly OMDfarm was very clean! Considering it’s all outside & it was extremely busy as it was a meet and greet Peppa Pig day, that’s why we went there, but I saw cleaners throughout the day & the bins were clean & not overflowing on the floor (my pet hate) so I was impressed with this! I think cleanliness is important when going to “kiddy places” as they are so prone to catching things & no mumma wants to sleep less than she already does 🤦🏻‍♀️

Activities in the park were brilliant! We was there for 6 hours & still had things we didn’t get to go to as there is SO much to do which is amazing!

Activities were –

• indoor soft play, with a cafe attached to it, BEST IDEA EVER! Normally the indoor soft play isn’t attached to a cafe & your kids just want to run off & play while your trying to eat, so I loved this idea!

• outdoor soft play is brilliant!

• outdoor adventure play area which was for all ages & was big enough to cater for a lot of people which was brilliant so there wasn’t kids running over each other trying to get up the slide or something 🙈

• bouncy slides, 2 of them!!

• outdoor trampolines, this is a great idea especially for little ones!!

• rides for kids 12 moths +

• rides for kids 3/4 years +

• outdoor sandpit with tractors & slides

• cafe

• character meet & greet

• lots of animals, this is such a lovely animal sanctuary, the animals could all be fed by the little ones through a hole in the wall & Jude absolutely loved this! There was a variety of animals as well which is brilliant! Also they had animal petting times where you are able to go in and pet/hold rabbits etc. I think this is amazing and very educational.

Overall I found OMDfarm to be full of exciting new things around every corner there is something new to discover. I found it to be very educational for the older children which I think is amazing!

If I had one thing to pick out it would be that I think if they had a splash pad for kids it would literally be a ‘one stop shop’ for kids. They would literally have everything!!

Anyways, I hope if you go you have an amazing time! We loved it just as much as Jude did 🙈 It was such a great day & we will 100% be going back there throughout the summer! It’s a great price for a family fun day out & you will not be disappointed!!

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