All about allergies…

This has to be my most requested post. I have sooo many lovely people asking me questions about milk allergies (which I love answering & helping) but hopefully this will be more helpful having as much information as I can give in one place!

So I’ll start from the beginning…Jude has quiet  a severe allergie to milk, well, anything cows milk based. If he has even the slightest bit of butter, he will be profusely sick, im talking projectile vomit, everywhere, literally everywhere, and this goes on for around 5 days usually. We go through towel after towel, all the bedding, ours & Jude’s bedding that is, we go through soooo many clothes it’s insane! He normally gets very dehydrated & can’t even keep water down. He’s stopped breathing twice through the reaction which is the most terrifying thing to see as a parent. I honestly have never been in the back of an ambulance so many times, or a hospital for that matter! Once the 5 days are up & he’s feeling a little better he will start to have milk again, he usually drops around 5lbs in weight during these 5 days of sickness too, so the more milk the better I think as I want to gain some of that weight back! He normally won’t eat for around 1-2 weeks after being ill. This is just this way Jude is with food as I think he assosicates food with sickness as he sufferes with other intolerances as well. But eventually after 2-3 weeks he is back to his normal cheeky self.

Not all allergies are the same. Jude is the lactose that he can not stomach but also anything cows milk based like butter etc he can not stomach at all. Some babies and children get just sickness, some get constipation, some get rashes & runny eyes and nose. Everyone is different but if your child is the same as Jude, I really do feel for you!

Jude also sufferes from an intolerance to wheat and gluten, & soya. this isn’t as severe as his milk/lactose intolerance but he just can’t eat a whole slice of bread for example or his gets very bloated and bad constipation and is very uncomfortable for a few days. To solve this we just buy wheat and gluten free foods for Jude and us as well as we can’t actually tell the difference most of the time. Especially in things like pasta which is a standard meal at ours! He can have soya but as long as it’s in a small amount and it’s not raw. It has to have been cooked.

We didn’t know Jude has these allergies until he was 6 months old when I finally got referred to a paediatrician. I actually diagnosed Jude myself with a milk allergie at 3 months as his symptoms were exactly what it said they were. I had SO many trips the A&E and the doctors with Jude about his constant sickness and his constant crying and screaming & on one occasion I actually was told I was “a paronoid parent” I was SO filled with upset and rage, this is when I self diagnosed him. I recorded him having a aptamil bottle of formula and a goats milk (nanny care) bottle of formula and the difference is bottle was dramatic!! I was actually told that goats milk is “bad” for babies! This is INSANE!! I done hours & hours of re search, Jude never slept, so I didn’t, so I re searched instead, as you do, and I was shocked to see coming up SO many times that goats milk is better for babies than cows milk based formulas etc and it js FACT that goats milk is the closest milk to natural breast milk. Not cows, goats. So WHY isn’t goats milk the norm?? Anyways I done like a million hours of re search only to keep finding out that goats milk was better for babies and contains less lactose than cows milk etc. Jude was put onto a prescription formula called pur amino by a brand called nutramigen which I mixed into his goat milk as I refused to take him off of the goat milk. He literally thrives on goat milk. He has lovely skin, hair & nails! Re search has shown that babies & children that have grown up on cows milk based formulas tend to develop eczema and it’s a proven fact that cows milk flares up eczema! I don’t see why doctors agree to cows milk but turn their nose up at goats milk? I could go on & on, basically do your research and see for yourself if your as interested as I am, I’m sure you will be as surprised as I was.

To help with Jude’s milk allergie (that also causes him to have really bad reflux which he has medication 3 times a day for) I avoid anything that has cows milk in it. I make a lot of things myself for him using oat milk, coconut milk or soya (cooked) as an alternative to cows milk in recipes and he loves it most of the time. If I’m being totally honest, Jude mostly only eats porridge for breaksfast, made with his formula milk & honey, he has pasta for lunch & fruit & avocado to snack on in the day amongst other things to snack on like chocolate (vegan) and Pom bears (he loves them) and for dinner usually pasta again. He loves pasta with olive oil. Pasta with tomatoe sauce. Pasta with pumpkin sauce. Pasta with butter (Koko butter)   Literally he will eat just plain pasta he loves it that much. He still has around 4-6 bottles a day so I’m not worried about him not eating his 5 fruit a day & 5 veg a day as his formula, which is made to be fed from the age of 1-3 years old, containes everything he needs in it. I think it’s crazy that people are told to take their babies off of formula at such an early age but that is just my personal opinion and for me keeping Jude on his formula has worked wonders but it’s not for everyone and that’s totally ok and normal I honestly have No judgement!

I know this post isn’t for everyone and this is just my personal experience with Jude and his allergies and this is my personal opinion on cows milk. Like I said, everyone is different and so is every baby. Mums know what is best for their baby and always go with your gut feeling. No one can tell you what’s right and wrong and that’s not what I’m trying to do, I’m just sharing the information I know with other mums in hope that it helps at least 1 mum out there! We’re all doing a great job! Being a mum is hard so well done to you! Also well done for reading this far, haha, if you have then thank you 😊 and I hope you enjoyed it!


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