My First Post…


A little bit about me & what you will find in my blog (eventually).

So as you can already tell from my instagram, I’m a mummy to an 18 month little bit called Jude. He is my life. Literally. I also am a mummy to my beautiful horse, Barney. He’s had to take a step back in my life recently but we’re slowing getting back to riding more & doing more things together, it’s just taken a LOT longer than I thought it would. I also have a lovely partner called Josh, (26) he’s my everything.

Im trying to be clean eating, eventually hoping to progress to being a full vegan, maybe try to raw till 4 challenge. We will see!

Anyways…I’m 25, I live in a little village in the countryside in Essex, England with my horse who lives below me (it’s nice but sometimes very noisy)

So….what will you see on the blog…We hope this year to see more of our beautiful country, England & travel Europe some more. Maybe even go half way across the world. Who knows. But we have some exciting things panned & we hope you will enjoy reading this blog & coming along with us on our travels 🙂 also there will be motherhood stories, some good, some bad, we all have good & bad days & it’s healthy to see that instagram is a platform you can make look like your life is perfect, but a blog on the other had, I feel is to express yourself. That means all the ups & downs of life & parenting. You will also see some horsey stuff as that’s a BIG part of my life, literally, Barney is 17.1H. Also you will see some clean eating/vegan food/recipes & ideas I would love to share!

So hopefully that didn’t bore you too much & you want to read along more. I’ll try & post 2/3 times a week! (We will see how that goes 🙈)